How to Empower Your Fellow
Americans, Not Enslave Them

By John Boch. Feb 17, 2022

Make no mistake that everything government is engaged in today, from legislation to regulation, is almost always about control, not freedom, liberty, or innovation. It's about controlling people, not empowering them.

"When I feel the heat, I see the light," said life-long Illinois politician Everett Dirksen.

Given how quickly the "follow the science" crowd has changed their tune on mask and vaccine mandates, you'd think they must be feeling some heat, right? Clearly, politicians are feeling heat from an angry electorate as well as witnessing what's happening in Canada.

And light appears to have been seen.

While The Truth About Guns is all about, well, the truth about guns and not the folly of face diapers and vax passports, both subjects show how anti-freedom politicians use the perception of risk to control people, "for our own good."

Just as gun control advocates pretend racist, classist, and sexist gun control will make us safer, so too do these same hacks who worship at the alter of mandates like to pretend that masks stop virus particles.

Guns protect children and families. Masks do not. .....


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