An open letter to Gabby Giffords,
Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg

By Lee Williams. March 11, 2022

Dear Gabby, Shannon and Mike,

The instant the first Russian T-80 crossed the Ukrainian border, the whole world could see the uselessness of everything you’ve ever said and everything you’ve ever done. You’ve been overtaken by events – mooted and muted in one fell swoop, so scram. Leave the field. It is time for you and your gun-ban groups to go.

There’s a madman with nukes on the loose who’s just 50 miles off Alaska’s port bow. No one knows how far he’s willing to go, so you’re out. The adults are taking charge. Your services are no longer required. Please take the Demanding Moms and their creepy husbands with you, open a box of wine and have yourselves a good cry. Ukraine learned nearly too late that the right to keep and bear arms saves lives, while the civilian disarmament pipedream you’ve been peddling for decades costs lives.

If you are in doubt, ask the brave Ukrainian single mom with the yellow ribbon tied around her sleeve if she’s comfortable battling Russian Spetsnaz with a standard-capacity magazine in her Avtomat Kalashnikova, or if she’d prefer a 10-round mag you’ve long advocated for and a rifle that’s California-compliant. You could also ask the young Russian conscript bouncing around in the back of a BMP – who’s belly is churning from the rations he’s eating, which expired in 2015 – if he’d prefer shooting at disarmed civilians or ones who can shoot back.

Ukraine was a bastion of gun control – something you would have found refreshing [...] .....


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