Donald Trump Jr's 2A Task Force
Needs Closer Scrutiny by Gun Owners

Donald Trump, Jr. Dave Workman photo

By David Codrea. April 28, 2022

"Donald Trump Jr. launches gun rights group, vows to fight Democratic gun control proposals," Fox News reports. "The Second Amendment Task Force plans to build its operation around Trump's high social media visibility and following, as well as his national media appearances."

"The Second Amendment Task Force is the first advocacy group that Trump has launched and been directly involved with," the report elaborates. "The group plans to make a push in the upcoming midterm elections this year, especially in the voter registration sphere."

Except it's not the first. Remember that "Second Amendment Coalition" his father announced and made him chairman of back in 2016? The one he co-chaired with fired NRA-ILA honcho and bump stock "regulator" Chris Cox? If you don't recall that group, it's probably because it didn't actually do much of anything and the webpage was taken down a half-a-year later.

As for "plans to make a push," it's fair to ask for whom. His father's Mehmet Oz pick comes to mind. Are there any other candidates gun owners may have concerns about?

It's also fair to ask what that push consists of. The Fox News piece gives us plenty of high-sounding platitudes but specifically, how will the "entirely devoted" Second Amendment Task Force "ensur[e] the Left is never successful in disarming American citizens"?

As an aside, that rhetoric is kind of hyperbolic. Ultimately, isn't ensuring they never will be something each of us will decide? .....


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