Another virtue signaling city
implements feel good but useless
(and unconstitutional?) 'gun control' measure

Highland Park, NJ votes to approve feel-good
ordinance on 'gun control' which will prove meaningless

By Jim Patrick. Aug 15, 2022

The following contains commentary which is the opinion of the author and editorial in nature.

HIGHLAND PARK, NJ- Some jurisdictions just don't get it. Even after the United States Supreme Court struck down a New York 'gun control' bill, some localities are doubling down on their anti-gun efforts.

One such example is Highland Park, New Jersey, where the Borough Council proposed a new law which would significantly limit where guns could be carried.

The bill, which was introduced earlier this month, would prohibit anyone from carrying a gun, concealed or otherwise, in public buildings to include borough and school spaces, according to

The only exception would be for law enforcement officers while on official duty.

The ordinance was introduced by a unanimous vote and will be scheduled for a public hearing and final vote at the council's Sept. 6 meeting, the outlet said.

The move in Highland Park follows a move after the Supreme Court ruling to significantly limit gun rights of New Jersey residents by Gov. Phil Murphy, who signed seven bills restricting gun rights. Those measures included requiring additional training, registration limiting ammunition, and prohibiting .50cal rifles. .....


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