We're Smarter Than Our
Politicians.. and we need to be

By Rob Morse. Aug 11, 2022

We want police officers to protect our children at school. Most of us take that for granted. Now that we think about it, the firearms instructor who taught the police officer, is that instructor qualified to protect our children too? What about the instructor’s instructor? In theory, all of them are qualified to protect our kids. In some states they are allowed to, but in some states they are not.

We make deals with our conscience all the time. We bend the rules to make things better. That came to mind when I read that school staff are disarmed by law in North Carolina. I winced as I read about it. We trust teachers with our children’s future, both with their development over time and their physical safety today. When strange things happen at school, we expect the school staff to act as a parent would act. Maybe my view of teachers is biased because most of the teachers I’ve met are not the sort to hide behind bureaucratic rules, though I’ve met a few of those. You probably have too.

I shoot, so I’ve met many teachers who own guns. I’ve competed against teachers and school administrators in competitive shooting events. I’ve met teachers who were also firearms instructors and gun-store owners. I know school teachers who are so accomplished that they train and certify other firearms instructors. Great teachers are going to teach.

Maybe that is why I laugh when I hear someone say 'It is too dangerous to allow school staff to be armed, and that we should leave school defense to the police.' I wonder if they really know what they are saying. .....


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