Does US Really Have One
Of 'Highest' Murder Rates?

By Dave Workman. Aug 18, 2022

Applauding “bipartisan” unity on certain gun control issues in Florida, the Tampa Bay Times editorialized “This country has been drowning in guns forever, translating directly into one of the highest murder rates in the world. And it’s getting worse.”

True, violent crime—including crimes involving firearms—has been on the rise with a number of factors to blame, not the least of which appear to be lenient judges, soft-on-crime prosecutors, a defund police movement resulting in staffing shortages at many law enforcement agencies, and policies that appear to favor criminals over law-abiding citizens.

But does the United States have one of the highest murder rates on the planet? Maybe not.

According to the World Population Review, which ranks the murder rate by country, the USA does not make the Top Ten countries with the highest homicide rates. Those nations are, as listed on the WPR website: .....


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