Grassroots Update — Sept 7, 2022

By Tanya Metaksa. Sept 7, 2022

What's New— Biden Administration:
Hosting a "United We Stand" summit concerning violence and democracy;
BATFE has already posted corrections to the "frame or receiver" regulatory definitions;
Politics: NY12 primary fight led to more gun control legislation;
Alaska's election to fill out the term of Rep. Don Young until 2023 was won by Democrat Native Alaskan Mary Peltola;
Massachusetts primaries on Sept. 6; Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island on Sept. 13;
State/Local: California: The legislature adjourns; AB1227 and SB918 FAILED TO pass; Attorney General Bonta and AG James (NY) letter to credit card companies;
Colorado-Boulder: Gun Shows no longer called at Longmont fairgrounds;
Hawaii: Honolulu County scheduled carry rules hearing for Oct. 4;Hawaii County and Maui County Police Depts. issue new rules for carry permits;
New York—Cattaraugus County Legislature: voted to oppose the state's new concealed carry restrictions;
Judicial: CO: the towns of Superior and Boulder's so-called bans on the sale, possession and transfer of commonly owned semi-automatic rifles have been temporarily halted in court;
Antonyuk v. Bruen sought a Temporary Restraint Order (TRO) that was rejected by Judge Glenn Suddaby;
VanDerStok v. Garland: Judge O'Connor issues TRO as to plaintiff Tactical Machining.

2022 Congressional Activity/Biden Administration

Attorney Generals (Bonta and James) from CA and NY issue joint letter to credit companies to target people buying firearms.

The BATFE Frame & Receiver rule went into effect on Aug. 25. Corrections have been posted to the Federal register.

The House of Representatives advanced HR1808, on July 25 on almost-party line vote of 217-213. Dave Workman covered the vote. HR1808 is the new "assault weapons" ban bill, that would ban virtually all ARs, AKs, AR pistols and even semiautomatic handguns and shotguns.

H.R. 8460: A bill to allow BATFE to create a national firearms registry has been introduced. The bill would allow the government to keep background check information indefinitely. Reuters reported that "the administration is actively discussing with top Democratic lawmakers what support they can provide to push the bill."


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