Convenience Store Clerk's Execution Shows
Danger of 'Giving Robbers What They Want'

More than 30 percent of American gun owners say
they have used a gun in self-defense.

By David Codrea. Sept 19, 2022

"A Tupelo detective said an armed robbery suspect walked up behind a compliant convenience store clerk Sunday morning and shot him in the back of the head," the Daily Journal reports.

"The clerk is very gracious and even gave him a stack of money he didn't ask for," detective Wes Kloac testified. "He opened the safe for him and gave him a bank bag."

After ordering the Chevron Food Mart clerk to the floor, "(The suspect) then walked up behind Mr. Singh and, at point blank range, executed him," Kloac added.

The suspect, who "has been living on the streets since last December, has prior felony convictions for burglary of an inhabited dwelling and two counts of burglary of an auto." That means he's a "prohibited person," forbidden by law to have a gun. That that "disability" didn't stop him should surprise no one. Neither should the fact that someone with multiple felonies for victimizing people is set free by what represents itself to be the "criminal justice system" to stalk the streets and find new victims.

Also unsurprising is Chevron's position regarding armed employees. A 2016 memo opting the company out of Texas' open carry law reiterated:

"Other states have varying laws governing firearms; however, the Chevron policy is consistent that no firearms are allowed in any Chevron facility without prior approval from Global Security."

That's in spite of the fact that this is hardly the first Chevron armed robbery ending in merciless slaughter. Almost one year ago, in September 2021, a clerk in Washington was ruthlessly murdered. And it's not like it's a recent phenomenon: Here's a story of a Chevron clerk who complied with his assailants only to be slain in a 2013 robbery. .....


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