Judge Rules Most of New NY Gun
Law Is Unconstitutional, Issues TRO

By Jeremy S. Oct 6, 2022

Earlier today, U.S. District Judge Glenn Suddaby ruled that multiple provisions in New York State's new gun laws, which just went into effect last Saturday, October 1st, are unconstitutional. He issued a restraining order against these parts of the law taking effect.

If you recall any of the aspects of the new NY laws that were passed in response to the SCOTUS' Bruen decision you won't be surprised by the parts Judge Suddaby struck down. They effectively made concealed carry impossible in New York, even if the carrier managed to get a permit, by banning guns everywhere that didn't specifically provide permission to the carrier and from nearly every conceivable public place.

From Syracuse.com:

Suddaby took issue with the state's new background check requirements. Four of the six provisions struck down related to tough requirements for an application or renewal of a license for concealed carry.

He rejected the provision that an applicant must have evidence to demonstrate they have "good moral character," an attempt by the state to block guns from people with bad intent. Suddaby reversed the burden of proof, ruling that it's up to the licensing agency to prove the applicant does not have good moral character. [...] .....

If the (unelected) NY Governor Kathy Hochul is so concerned over the public's safety, then just perhaps she should concentrate on dealing efficiently with the criminals instead of trying to deprive honest citizens of their Second Amendment rights.


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