Media Reports Suggest 'Gun Control'
Crowd Faces Big Post-Bruen Woes

Media reports suggest gun control advocates are
facing problems in the wake of June's Bruen ruling

By Dave Workman. October 20, 2022

Two somewhat similar perspectives in a pair of respected Capitol Hill news organs are taking a look at the post-Bruen world of Second Amendment clout, noting how the 'gun control' movement is alarmed at the number of gun laws which now appear jeopardized, including the new carry permit law in New York State.

As reported Thursday in The Hill, New York’s law—hastily thrown together after its century-old “proper cause” requirement was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court—“is on shaky legal ground after a judge found these provisions violate the Second Amendment, though the ruling is paused while the case is appealed.”

“The ongoing court battle over New York’s 'gun control' measure is just one part of a shifting legal landscape resulting from the 6-3 conservative Supreme Court’s expansion of the Second Amendment in a June ruling, which has led lower courts to block or strike down 'gun control' measures at a dizzying pace,” The Hill observed.

Meanwhile, Roll Call weighed in, noting, “Federal judges have struck down gun restrictions in the months since a Supreme Court decision that expanded Second Amendment rights, and experts say there is likely more to come.”

Among Second Amendment proponents, the reaction seems to be a collective “That’s just too bad.” .....


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