Correia: The Fuddy, Self-Righteous,
Contingent Are Dying Off


Larry Correia is a bestselling professional novelist with long roots in firearms instruction, as well as having been a gun store owner. His experience and expertise is extremely broad.
His latest book, "In Defense of the Second Amendment" prompted Glenn Harlan Reynolds to ask him some questions. Below is a starter sample of that posted by John Boch on, (with the entire interview available at Substack).
NOTE: In 2012 JPFO published a notable piece by Larry Correia - "An opinion on 'gun control'", a timeless and relevant piece which merits a thorough reading.

By John Boch. Jan 22, 2023

I love your terms about the "vulture press" and "vulture pundits." Tell folks here what you mean by that.

They get that name because there is this awful contingent in media who waits, perched, until whenever there is any sort of tragic or horrific event, they swoop in to feed. They delight in suffering and bloodshed. The more the better. They wait for when emotions are hot and people aren't thinking to push for the dumbest, most illogical power grabs, because they know that's the only time a sufficient mass of people are going to be illogical enough to fall for their scams. I've got a whole chapter going over how they operate, their usual tricks and scams, and the best ways to deal with them.

I forget who originally said it, but after a shooting, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it. I feel like that approach used to be more effective than it is now. But they're also selective about what shootings count. When gang members shoot black people in poor neighborhoods, there's no outrage, and if you point it out, you're somehow racist

Absolutely. They live and die by their narrative. Anything that doesn't fit the narrative gets ignored or swept under the rug. I go into America's crime stats. They love to portray America as a nation with this crazy violent crime problem. Not really. America is a fairly peaceful nation with a handful of zip codes where it is murder city. [...] .....


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