The Dishonesty of Judges and
the California Handgun Roster

By Rob Morse. Mar 25, 2023

Democrat politicians in California want to disarm their citizens. That is old news. A decade ago the California legislature imposed certain safety features on handguns. The legislature also required that manufacturers pay a fee and submit samples of their products to the state. The official rationale for this gun-control was to establish a roster of so called “safe” handguns. Only the approved firearms could be sold at gun stores. The infringement on the right to bear arms is so obvious that only a judge could miss it. Watch this if you have doubts.

You can buy an “unsafe” firearm at a gun store if you are a law enforcement officer or on a list of approved state employees. You read that correctly. Police don’t need “safe” firearms, but you and I do. The guy who walks down the street with a gun on his hip needs to be less safe than your neighbor who has her gun locked in a safe next to her bed. What do judges drink at night to accept these excuses?

Firearms manufacturers can only add a new gun to the California roster if their gun has all the newly required safety features. Unfortunately, there are no guns in existence that have all of them. None. Of the thousands of different models of firearms sold all across the country, not one of them meets the California requirements. Naw, that doesn’t sound like a restriction on the right to keep and bear arms at all, does it?

You can buy an older model gun that is considered safe enough, but you can only buy it because it was grandfathered onto the roster. .....


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