CAUGHT! Biden using fake data to gaslight
Americans on mass shootings(murders: Ed)

By Lee Williams. May 17, 2023

Joe Biden has always struggled with the truth. Whenever he wanders off script and speaks extemporaneously, he invents personal anecdotes – boldfaced lies, actually – in which he assigns himself the starring role.

Whether he's getting arrested in South Africa for trying to bust into Nelson Mandela's prison cell, or bravely confronting AR-toting hunters in a Delaware swamp or going toe-to-toe with the arch-criminal, CornPop, no one actually believes him or takes his tall tales seriously. It's just Joe being Joe, right?

But when Biden's lies are actually signed and set into type, it's a bit more serious. He loses his normal litany of excuses: he was tired, he was confused, he misread the teleprompter, he was sundowning.

In an editorial published Sunday in USA Today and reprinted in scores of other newspapers, the Fabulist-in-Chief dropped a whopper – even for someone who has lowered the presidential-truthfulness bar so significantly.

The editorial was titled, "President Biden: I'm doing everything I can to reduce gun violence, but Congress must do more."

Most of Joe's opus we've heard many times before. AR-15s are bad, so is anyone who owns one. Red flag laws and universal background checks will save the world. .....


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