How Will You Support The Second
Amendment Today? Tomorrow?

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By Lee Williams. May 23, 2023

OPINION: Gun owners should be running the country given our numbers, at least that’s how it appears on paper.

According to Ballotpedia data from last year, of the 31 states that allow voters to publicly indicate their political party affiliation, roughly 48 million were Democrats and 36 million were Republicans. The rest were independents, unaffiliated or members of another political party. By comparison, there are an estimated 133 million gun owners in the country, or roughly 40% of the population – a massive number that dwarfs all party affiliations combined – according to the Pew Research Center.

If gun owners ever voted as one homogeneous bloc, we would be unstoppable. Unfortunately, we all know there are gun owners and then there are folks who own a gun. It’s like the difference between someone with an old Fender in their closet and Angus Young.

When you factor in those who work regularly to support the Second Amendment, the numbers drop off even steeper. This, friends, has always been our Achilles’ heel – complacency – the sense that someone else will do something to save the day. It has done us far more harm than Gabby, Brady or Bloomberg ever will, and it’s time to make a change.

We live in perilous times. We’ve never seen an administration more hellbent on infringing upon our Second Amendment rights, and their antipathy has trickled down to all political levels. Politicians today are ignoring our recent victories in the U.S. Supreme Court by sponsoring anti-gun legislation they know will not pass constitutional muster. .....


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