David Hemenway Given Platform to
Mislead on Guns by Obscure Online Outlet

By NRA-ILA. Aug 28, 2023

David Hemenway, a Professor of Health Policy at Harvard University's Injury Control Research Center, has been a proud proponent of anti-gun "research" for many years. Rather than relying on criminologists and experts in law enforcement to diminish violent crime where firearms are used, Hemenway long-ago jumped on the anti-gun bandwagon of trying to frame the discussion about gun-control from an approach of addressing it as a "public health" issue—as if there is some sort of vaccine that could be developed to stop violent criminals from being violent criminals.

One might consider him simply misguided, or perhaps he has just bought into what many on the far left do whenever faced with something they wish to control; frame it as a "public health" crisis.

But with Hemenway, it may be that he just hates guns and law-abiding gun owners, and all of his "research" he claims supports his radical theories is guided predominantly by confirmation bias. And who better to offer support for the theory that this particular anti-gun researcher just hates guns and gun owners than Hemenway himself?

A recent interview with Hemenway was posted by the online outlet Undark, a relatively obscure digital magazine with ties to any number of media outlets that hold extreme anti-gun views. Publishing partners include outlets that have shown anti-gun bias such as HuffPost, Mother Jones, NPR, Salon, and Slate. It should come as no surprise that Undark would give Hemenway a platform for his anti-gun views.

The piece opens announcing its bias, referring to "gun violence" in the opening sentence. "Gun violence" is one of the most popular terms created by anti-gun extremists, as it is so hard to define, and at the same time so malleable in its application. .....


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