The Increasing Burden
of Backdoor 'Gun Control'

Map art:; Art comp by A1F Staff

By Brian Mccombie. Sept 22, 2023

Backdoor 'gun-control' laws and regulations are often promoted as public-safety measures, as if criminals will heed new laws that limit places for concealed carry, require "safe storage" of firearms or create magazine-capacity limits. Anyone with a little common sense could tell you that only the law-abiding follow these kinds of laws.

'Gun-control'-promoting politicians and the groups that back them like these burdensome regulations because they know many good citizens will respond to them by giving up on exercising their Second Amendment rights, as they don't have the time or money to deal with fees, paperwork, complicated regulations and frightening legal traps, such as overly broad "sensitive-place" restrictions.

Indeed, since the U.S. Supreme Court decided the NRA-backed case New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, many 'gun-control'- promoting politicians have worked to get around this Second Amendment ruling that confirmed that, yes indeed, our Second Amendment rights do extend outside of our homes.

More specifically, at issue was New York's requirement that a citizen show "proper cause" before a local licensing official might be convinced to grant a law-abiding citizen a concealed-carry permit. In Bruen, the Court ruled that this proper-cause requirement was unconstitutional. In so doing, the high court affirmed that the Second Amendment applies beyond the home, but like any constitutional right, there are limitations; for example, it is longstanding law that a private citizen cannot carry a gun into an actual sensitive place, such as into a courtroom. Some state politicians seized on this exception and decided to expand it to almost everywhere. .....


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