'Your husband or your guns'

By Lee Williams. Jan 4, 2024

Nearly three months ago, a Charlotte County, Florida judge told Lisa Marok that if she didn't renounce her Second Amendment rights, give up her Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License and remove every single firearm and every single round of ammunition from her home, her husband would be sent to a state prison for 19 months. If she complied and relinquished her civil rights and her firearms, her husband would walk out of the courtroom a free man.

"You have a choice," Circuit Judge Shannon H. McFee told her. "Your husband or your guns."

Critics – and there were more than a few – described Judge McFee's decision as illegal, unconstitutional and possibly even criminal.

A story published in October revealed how Lisa Marok's husband, Ralph Marok, shot his neighbor's home and Mercury Montego in April 2022. No one was injured during the late-night shooting.

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office deputies seized all of the firearms from Marok's home, not just those involved in the shooting. Many of the firearms belonged to Lisa Marok and the couple's son, Thomas Marok. .....


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