It removed all doubt about freedom's domestic enemies

by Alan Korwin. Jan 8, 2024

Americans suffered through nearly three years of the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax, perpetrated by vengeful immoral American citizens and corrupt "news" media. Many of our officials, your neighbors, bedrock corporations and political operatives jumped on this fictitious bandwagon to attack what we hold dear, with remarkable effectiveness.

Despite the fact that it was totally perverse, thought crime and invented "facts" held sway. Our long-time mortal enemy Russian commies could not possibly be allied with champions of The American Way, but people believed.

This was important, because it showed us how far communists and their U.S. sympathizers (brainwashed useful idiots) would go to wield power. This was a new kind of deviant power, one that gunpowder cannot easily dislodge. Thought crime does not yield easily to revolvers, pistols and longuns. Who do you shoot when mess media tells you good people are bad, or the worst people are the good guys? The Marxist axis promoting delusional anti-gun anti-liberty narratives had neutered your firearms and ammunition.

While it was on, in its heyday, people believed. Collusion! An invented lie, bolstered by a fabricated report paid for and created under she-who-we-were-with, set wheels in motion. It was straight from central casting for totalitarians—lie long enough and loud enough and people fall in line. They've been doing that to our guns since the 1960s, when Mouseketeers still twirled six shooters.

Minds that couldn't be swayed with intense anti-gun-rights rhetoric suddenly had new direction. Collusion! .....


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