USPS reacts to Court Restoring Second
Amendment Rights on Postal Property

By Dean Weingarten. Jan 25, 2024

In January of 2023, a Florida federal district Court restored the right to keep and bear arms on United States Postal Service (USPS) property. The court ruled a statute banning the possession of guns on USPS property, dating from 1972, was unconstitutional under the Second Amendment. At this time, the ruling only applies to the individual case in Florida. The USPS has issued a statement, aimed at employees, stating the USPS policy has not changed. From the USPS:

A recent Florida district court decision is being misreported or may be misinterpreted as holding that the Postal Service's ban on carrying firearms — either openly or concealed, or storing them on USPS property — is unconstitutional.

In fact, the case dealt with a different federal statute and does not involve the Postal Service's regulation. Therefore, it does not change the organization's policy.

Employees are reminded that carrying or storing firearms, other dangerous or deadly weapons, or explosives — either openly or concealed — on USPS property is prohibited and can result in discipline up to and including removal from the Postal Service, as well as potential prosecution.

An outlet dealing with the federal government, focusing on issues which matter the most to "federal agency managers, policy makers and contractors", quotes USPS spokesperson Jim McKean. From the Federal News Network: .....


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