OPINION: The true intent of the Democrats'
anti-militia bill is to infringe on firearm training

(Minuteman statue in Lexington, MA. Photo from licensed Shutterstock account)

By Lee Williams. Jan 26, 2024

As a law-abiding citizen of this great country, I can form my own militia if I so choose, appoint myself colonel, enlist my friends as privates or PFCs, and we can run around the woods until we all keel over from heatstroke or heart attacks – whatever comes first. It's all perfectly legal, at least for now.

We have the right to criticize our government. We can sit around the campfire at our secret militia base nursing our sore muscles and fire ant bites and talk about how Joe walks like a penguin, or how it would take Kamala a good 20 minutes just to tell you you're on fire. It's all perfectly legal and protected speech, at least for now.

We have the right to train with our firearms. We can draw from a holster, shoot while moving, practice CQB and send as much lead downrange as our bank accounts will allow. It's all perfectly legal conduct, at least for now.

However, a new bill making its way through Congress known as the "Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act of 2024," would make all of this illegal or at least suspicious enough to draw scrutiny from the feds. More importantly, it would paint a target on the back of every single American gun owner, which is the actual intent of this ill-conceived and extremely unconstitutional legislation. .....


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