CA Lawmaker Wants Gun Owners to
Register Firearms, Pay Fee Every Year

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By Edward Smith. Feb 16, 2024
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A new California bill would require gun owners to register their firearms annually with the California Department of Justice, paying an annual fee for each gun.

State Sen. Anthony Portantino (D-Burbank) introduced Senate Bill 1160. He says that annual registration would create a gun database in California.

"SB 1160 will give the state better data and help us understand how many firearms are in private hands and who owns them," Portantino said. "Currently we only have rough estimates on how many firearms are in California. This important step toward registration will also increase accountability and responsible gun ownership as we collectively endeavor to increase public safety."

Guns used by law enforcement personnel in the line of duty would be exempt from the yearly registration and fee under the bill. However, police officers would have to register and pay the fee for their personal firearms.

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Annual Fee Based on Program Costs

The DOJ would set the annual registration fee for each gun based on the program's cost. Bill language prohibits the fee to exceed the cost of the program. The bill does not estimate the cost.

Owning an unregistered gun would be considered an infraction under the law punishable by a $1,000 fine.

The database of gun registration would be shared among law enforcement agencies.

"This statute, which requires gun owners to register each firearm annually, is an important tool to remind all citizens of the civic responsibility that comes with owning a firearm," said attorney Brian Hennigan, who suggested the bill idea to Portantino. Hennigan suggested the bill alongside Loyola Law School Professor Laurie Levenson.

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The pre-requisite for confiscation will always be registration.
"We know what you've got and where to find you".


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