Fox: U. Campuses On Edge Over Murders;
WV To Implement Self-Defense Act

By Dave Workman. Feb 27, 2024

Fox News is reporting that colleges around the country are "on edge" after three separate incidents in Colorado, Georgia and Kentucky claimed four lives over the course of ten days.

But a report from West Virginia University indicates that school is taking what might be a preemptive course of action to deter deadly crimes on its campus. According to WVU Today, the school's Board of Governors has taken "the next step… to implement the Campus Self-Defense Act which goes into effect July 1."

The law was signed last year by West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice. It allows West Virginians who possess a concealed carry permit to carry a defensive sidearm on the campus of a state college or university beginning July 1.

It's an interesting development in a nation where most colleges and universities prohibit any kind of weapon on their campus grounds. But the recent deaths in the Fox New focus may have some people re-thinking that position. According to Fox: .....


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