Louisiana Joins
Constitutional Carry Club in 2024

CCW 2023
Louisiana, shown as shall issue (blue) on the Gulf of Mexico,
between Texas and Mississippi, will Have its Constitutional
Carry law go into effect on July 4, 2024.

By Dean Weingarten. Mar 11, 2024

On March 5, 2024, Governor Landry of Louisiana signed Bill SB 1, Constitutional Carry into law, now known as Act No. 1. The new law will go into effect on July 4, 2024. Constitutional Carry is one of eleven interrelated crime bills designed to reduce crime in Louisiana. All eleven bills were passed in the special session on crime called for by Governor Landry

SB 2 was another of the crime reform bills SB 2 limits the liability of a person who justifiably uses a handgun in self-defense. It provides immunity from civil liability for damages for injury, death or loss suffered by a perpetrator. The eleven crime bills are listed below. All eleven bills were signed on March 5, 2024.

•  SB 1: Constitutional Carry
•  SB 2: Concealed Carry Permit Immunity
•  HB 3: Expanding Access to Drug Courts
•  HB 4: Post Conviction Reform
•  SB 5: Pardon and Parole Reform
•  HB 6: Justice for Victims
•  SB 7: DUI Penalties
•  SB 9: Preserving Prosecutions for Rape
•  HB 9: Probation and Parole Violations
•  HB 10: Truth in Sentencing
•  HB 11: Offender Rehabilitation

Constitutional Carry, as exemplified by SP1 in Louisiana, has an exemption for those who are prohibited from carrying a firearm under state or federal law. .....


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