An Open Letter From
Author Alan Korwin


By Alan Korwin. Mar 13, 2024

It's important to keep in mind everything conceivably wrong or criminal about firearms is already illegal. So, when new laws are proposed, they typically only impact the innocent.

It's precisely why we, the people, object so strenuously to new laws: They affect us and don't impact crime and violence. Because new proposals omit the criminal problem, new rules raise the real specter of actual conspiracy within some halls of government to wrest control and disarm the public. Many in government furiously deny this, but it's supported by evidence and countless public statements.
I'm a Utopian Pacifist. I support no weapons of any kind on the surface of the Earth in an era of enduring peace, prosperity and abundance.

It turns out this is impossible (utopian) while the four horsemen of human havoc exist — angry, hungry, stupid and wicked. So, I support disarming everybody, bad guys first. Until then, I find it hard to justify disarming any innocent, sane person.

If we could wave a wand and make guns disappear, the brutal communist Chinese dictatorship would make new ones. And the Italians (Beretta), Brazilians (Taurus), Russians (AK-47), Austrians (GLOCK) — all the armed nations would be in business making the Iron River. That includes basement tinkerers. .....


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