Terrorism Is A Disease.
Constitutional Carry Is The Cure

(Photo-illustration from licensed Shutterstock account.)

By Lee Williams. Mar 15, 2024

He issued one of the strongest terrorism warnings earlier this week, but few seemed to notice and even fewer seemed to care. Instead, the legacy media remained fixated on the testimony of former special counsel Robert K. Hur, who concluded that Joe Biden committed multiple federal crimes but was too incompetent to stand trial. While Hur's findings were certainly newsworthy, they were not news. Most of the country already knew Old Yeller's best days are behind him.

Wray's warning, however, was dire. He told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that known or suspected terrorists were infiltrating the country across the wide-open southern border using counterfeit documents. One of the smuggling networks, he said, has ties to ISIS. Add to this the thousands of unknown border crossers from countries that hate us, and the more than 80,000 military-age males from China, and you have a terrorist hellbroth just waiting to bubble over.

"The threats from homegrown violent extremists that is jihadist-inspired, extremists, domestic violent extremists, foreign terrorist organizations, and state-sponsored terrorist organizations all being elevated at one time since October 7, though, that threat has gone to a whole other level," Wray said. "And so, this is a time I think for much greater vigilance."

We should thank Director Wray for his timely information and for his candor. This is precisely why we have fought so long and so hard to restore our Second Amendment rights, so that law-abiding Americans no longer have to bend a knee and beg the Crown to sell them back their constitutional rights in the form of a permit to carry defensive arms. .....


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