By William Starnes. Mar 22, 2024

Reaching upward for something is a classic exposure risk situation.
The right cover clothing can help, but be aware regardless.

You carry a gun to protect yourself and others, but one key to keeping out of harm's way is to make sure people don't suspect you have a gun. If a bad guy knows you're carrying, it puts you in a dangerous situation by making you a target. Why, then, are so many people — both civilians and police — so careless about how they carry? I believe it's a combination of ignorance and complacency.

I can promise one thing: Bad guys are profiling people before they act. It's part of what they do, since their objective is to get away safely. Interviews with prison inmates have provided valuable information about how they picked their victims. If you walk in an awkward way, ignore your environment and the people surrounding you, they are more likely to select you. They're looking for victims and concealed carriers, and they know how to spot you.

The most common mistake people make when they first begin concealed carry is intentionally displaying their gun. Most people are proud they're able to carry a gun and want others to notice, so they "accidentally" give themselves away. You may be proud, but don't put yourself in danger. .....


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