Anti-gun group plagiarizes photos of top
female shooters to gaslight the public

By Lee Williams. Apr 3, 2024

This is the busiest time of year for professional shooter, wife, mother and Army veteran, Julie Golob. She is hosting classes and training hard for the upcoming competition season, which begins later this month. She did not have much time to devote to a controversy that surfaced last week, when her image and personal information were misappropriated for a social media post by the anti-gun group, 97Percent, as part of its campaign to gaslight the public into falsely believing it is a moderate pro-gun group.

"I did not endorse their message. I gave no permission for the photo. It is unfair to use my image and likeness to give the perception that I support what they are all about. I certainly don't," Golob told the Second Amendment Foundation last week. "And the fact it was used for Women's History Month is insulting."

A special report published by the Second Amendment Foundation last week revealed how 97Percent uses slick marketing and an aggressive social media campaign to falsely portray itself as a pro-gun organization comprised of gun owners and non-gun owners, while in reality it is nothing more than a run-of-the-mill anti-gun group, not unlike Everytown, Giffords or Brady.

Last Wednesday, ostensibly as part of Women's History Month, 97Percent posted tweets featuring images and personal information of nine female shooters and/or leaders within the Second Amendment community – six living and three deceased. .....


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