Cracking The Code: 'Felon In Possession'
Underscores 'Gun Control' Myth

Guns do not commit crimes, people do. (Dave Workman)

By Dave Workman. Apr 5, 2024

The headline in an Op-Ed about so-called "red flag" laws, published by the Portland, Maine Press-Herald, says more about 'gun control' than perhaps was intended.

"Red flag laws ignore the truth about crime," and the subhead notes, "Criminals commit crimes, not guns."

Author Andee Reardon, owner of the East Coast School of Safety and Maine state director for Women for Gun Rights, is a certified firearms instructor. That's a notch or two above being a self-described "trainer," and her certifications come from the National Rifle Association and U.S. Concealed Carry Association. While her opinion piece focused on controversial disarmament statutes around the country, her opening paragraph actually highlighted a problem Second Amendment advocates and activists face in every state.

"After every senseless tragedy in America," Reardon writes, "'gun control' activists and their media allies call for more gun restrictions and gun confiscation, and they attack our Second Amendment rights. No matter the circumstances of the crime committed, they will exploit the loss of life to advance their political agenda."

Law-abiding gun owners are not the problem, and more restrictive 'gun control' laws are not the solution. .....


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