Confront The Lies

We Are The Real 'Gun Safety Advocates'!

By Dave Workman. Apr 26, 2024

When I testified against a couple of extremist 'gun control' bills before a state House committee in Olympia, Wash. in January, I deliberately wore my winter blue nylon vest with the great big patch identifying me as an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

The purpose should have been obvious. In a room full of self-proclaimed "gun safety advocates," I was the only person who could actually prove it. The rest were, and I'll be polite here, stretching the truth and using camo-speak to mask their true activism as gun prohibitionists.

Corrupt Business

About the time of this hearing, writing for Business Insider, veteran journalist Laura Italiano complained in an "analysis" piece about the organization's outreach efforts to youngsters. Her assertion: "No American is too young to join in their absolutist defense of the Second Amendment." The article was posted at the end of the second week of testimony in New York State's "corruption trial" in a Manhattan courtroom that targeted "lavish spending" by then-Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and other NRA officials.

Italiano apparently wanted to smear the entire organization because of the then-alleged financial misdeeds of some of its leaders. .....


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