Poorly Trained ATF 'Operators'
Are A Threat To Public Safety

ATF Agents qualify with handguns during the two-week course to become
member of ATF's Special Response Team. (Screenshot courtesy ATF.gov)

By Lee Williams. Apr 29, 2024

Selection, training and leadership are vital to any special operations team, regardless of their size or mission parameters.

The more rigorous the selection process, the more comprehensive the training, the more professional the leadership, the better the unit will perform.

Delta Force's Operators Training Course, for example, is six months long, and teaches advanced CQB, precision marksmanship, counterterrorism and a host of esoteric skills needed by Delta operators to meet their worldwide mission requirements. OTC is only open to candidates who survive Delta's arduous Selection and Assessment phase.

DEVGRU's Green Team selection and training course is also six months long, and only Navy SEALs who have completed BUDS and spent at last five years on an SDV or SEAL team can apply.

MARSOC Raider candidates must complete a nine-month course, known as the Marine Special Operations Individual Course, or ITC. MARSOC Officers must also attend a four-week Team Commanders Course after they graduate ITC.

Army Special Forces candidates can spend six months to two years training before they earn an SF tab and a Green Beret, and the pipeline for Air Force special operators can take 15 months to two years.

Special Agents who want to join the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team must pass the New Operator Training School, which is 10 months long and extremely easy to fail. .....


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