"District of Crime": Shocking Case
Characteristic of D.C. Approach to Violence

By NRA-ILA. May 13, 2024

When a reasonable person finds it impossible to take anti-gun big city politicians and their professed "need" for more 'gun control' seriously, maybe it's stories like this one from Washington, D.C. that play a role. On May 8, District of Columbia CBS affiliate WUSA published a story with the astounding headline "Prosecutors say he emptied an AR-15 rifle into a public DC street. A judge granted him pre-trial release."

According to the item, prosecutors allege that on April 22 an 18-year-old went into the middle of a public street in Southeast D.C. with an AR-15 and fired 26 shots at a moving motor vehicle. The article pointed out that the young adult has been "charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of a gun during a violent crime. Both are felonies."

Despite the alleged outrageous conduct, the accused was granted pre-trial release. The article explained, "After [the accused] was initially detained, Judge Lloyd Nolan granted a public defender's motion for pre-trial release, placing [the accused] on home detention in Maryland with GPS monitoring and a stay-away order from the other people in the car."

Lest anyone think that a lack of sufficient evidence may have played a role, the incident was reportedly caught on video by no less than three cameras. WUSA obtained two of the videos, and readers are encouraged to watch the shocking footage here.

Summing up the situation, one neighborhood resident told the media outlet, "There is no accountability. We are living in the District of Crime." .....


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