Man’s Law Kills Again



Commentary by Rabbi Dovid Bendory, The "Gun Rabbi".


If only we had followed the Ten Commandments, the massacre at Fort Hood would not have happened. Tautological, no?

Oh, I didn’t mean that Ten Commandments. I meant "The Ten Commandments of Self-Defense."

Commandment #1: "G-d has given you the right of self-defense, even with deadly force, when warranted."

The murdered US soldiers, those who voluntarily trained to stand in the line of fire against our enemies in order to keep us safe, they were denied the right to defend themselves. Why? Because the US government -- that same government that they are sworn to defend -- took away their G-d-given rights.

Army Regulation 190-14, promulgated under Commander in Chief William Jefferson Clinton on March 12, 1993, "Limits and controls the carrying of firearms by Department of the Army military and civilian personnel (para 2-6)."

Yes, that’s right -- soldiers of the United States, those in whom we entrust our safety and security, are not trusted by the Commander in Chief to carry arms: "Due to the serious responsibility imposed on persons authorized to bear or use firearms, such persons must be selected with care." (2-2a)

Apparently selecting a soldier for active duty is not considered sufficient care. Oh, you can risk your life for our country. You’re old enough to die for our country. You can bear arms when we send you into battle -- but not on base. Best be advised before you enlist: "It is DoD Policy... [t]o limit and control the carrying of firearms by DoD military and civilian personnel." (Appendix B, DoD Directive 5210.56, Policy D.1.)

What does The Gun Rabbi say? G-d has given us not only the right but the obligation to defend ourselves and others from aggression. G-d’s Law says that both soldier and a civilian have the right to keep and bear arms. Our Founders understood G-d’s Law and enshrined it in the Second Amendment along with other such inalienable rights.

But we live in a world today where some put themselves above even G-d’s Law. And so we have this "Man’s Law" which limits and controls the carrying of firearms by DoD military and civilian personnel.

How many soldiers would be alive or uninjured if the targets of our treasonous Mujahid had been "allowed" to protect themselves with force of arms? How many more victims of Man’s "Gun Control" do we need to count before our Commander in Chief recognizes G-d’s Law?

G-d says I can defend myself. We must all choose: G-d’s Law? Or Man’s?


Rabbi Dovid Bendory

(Reference material - Army Regulation 190-14 (PDF file) - Direct link, or the same file on JPFO )


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