July 4th And Obama Have A Collision Ahead



By Rev. Lainie Dowell
Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This message is about the man who would be called the President of the United States of America. Barack Hussein Obama is his name. And, because of him, the world in this century of the most High God has become perplexed about how the USA could have fallen so low as to accept such a person who does not know God, truth, or the American people to be the one to lead this nation.

There is a tendency for people to gravitate towards what appears dazzling and shiny and real. And, in the olden days, it was known as fool’s gold. It sparkled and gave off the appearance of being real; but, in reality, it was fake. It was phony. And it was a harmful substance, because men fought over it and they did quite a bit of harm to whoever got in their way of possessing it. Likewise, too many voters have fallen for Barack Obama’s outer veneer and overlook his lack of substance.

Of all the possessions in the whole world, more than anything Americans value truth. Truth is an elusive characteristic. I suppose that has come to be because so many people profess to have it at their disposal. But when each individual retains merely a portion of truth, there remains confusion about which portion is truly real and credible. Half a truth is still a lie.

Today there are as many degrees of truth as there are individuals who profess to know what is true. Who can tell which portion is true? Lets see.

There is truth in the telling that is manifested after the truth has been declared as being such. That means - If after that proclamation good is the result and it is to the glory of God, then that is truth. In other words, by now I’m quite sure most people understand that not all that passes for truth is, in fact, truth. If you want to make enemies, tell them the truth.

In days past, we knew people we could trust to tell us something and we’d know it was true. However, we did not accept everything as being truthful. We were skeptics and we waited to test whatever anybody had to say to us about anything they chose. Yet, in today’s world, people are quick to accept almost anything and act on it without considering whether or not it is in their best interest.

With each passing day, Americans are finding that Barack Obama is headstrong, flighty, inept, and possibly committed to self-destruction. He does not stop to consider the consequences of his ways. Whatever he wants to do, he does it without regard for the rule of law or what is the best course of action for mankind. Moreover, in his haste to get legislative bills shoved through congress as the new law of the land, he and his team of Chicago gangster types are open to whatever course they set out to take and never mind the adverse affect it will have on the citizens who elected them to serve the people’s needs in accordance with the rule of law and the constitution.

If they had a mind to work on behalf of the people, they would be careful to do what is in their best interest instead of trying to discover how much power they can acquire, voters they can amass, and money they can accumulate for their personal coffers.

Americans are neither fools nor weaklings. The world and the nation has to understand that had Barack Obama told the truth from the outset and had not lied about his true agenda to unilaterally and totally change our constitution and form of government, he would never have been elected and installed in the White House. Fool’s gold! As it is, Obama fully believes he has earned the right to be afforded the respect due that office. But, despite what political correctness might dictate in that regard, he is sadly mistaken. That office and our citizens deserve better.

When Obama was a mere senator in the Illinois legislature and, later in the U.S. Senate, he worked day and night to denigrate U.S. President George W. Bush. And each barb Obama threw in his direction is now turned towards him. All he did to denigrate President Bush has come back twice as much to puncture holes in his own soul.

Whereas President Bush had enough God in him to remain on course to fulfill his oath of office and obligation to the American people, Obama just cannot take the returned heat coming his way. He wants people to stand when he enters a room. He wants to be called, "Mr. President." He wants his wife, Michelle, to be called, "First Lady Michelle." He wants 24-hour access to Air Force One for himself, his family, and friends at the snap of his fingers. He wants to dip his greedy fingers into the U.S. treasury to spread the wealth around like robbing the rich to arbitrarily dispense it in the hood. And whoever heard of the Executive Branch having exclusive control over how taxpayer dollars are spent and designate who can dispense it as he wills?! That is not constitutional. What’s more, since when has our government appointed so many inexperienced czars as Obama has done to allow them to oversee entire offices of officials who have been legally vetted by law by the Senate to serve in various cabinet positions? Why doesn’t Obama dismiss his so-called czars, nominate them for vetting, and pare down government employees?

Despite what Obama had to say to the Islamic community about America not being a Judeo-Christian nation, the U.S. is God’s country. This nation provides the freedom and constitutional rights we crave above money in the bank. We have come to know how much capitalism is the best foundation upon which our nation thrives and enables us as Americans to help so many other nations around the world. And, because of the way our forefathers had produced the constitution, we have come to appreciate it as our lasting heritage and strong foundation on which our nation thrives.

It is the nature of citizens to respect truth and character of the righteous kind. Yet, Obama has proved it is not within his character to give what he has never had, such as integrity and trustworthiness. In the relatively brief time he has been on the national scene, Americans have glimpsed how natural it is for Obama to tell a lie, change his mind, accuse others of lying about him or smearing him, and doing whatever he says he will not do. Now that has become a signal for the astute that Obama has already done it, is planning to do it, or has quietly designated someone else to get it done away from the crowd either via email, letters, phone calls, internet pages, and/or promises of monetary gain or prestigious jobs.

While America is celebrating the Fourth of July and our centuries old independence, Americans who love God and country can look and see the blatantly ugly person Barack Obama truly is. There is no amount of money. No amount of clothing. No amount of finery and lavish buildings that will ever hide the shame that is deeply embedded within Obama and publicly exposed daily. He cannot be trusted! Case in point. What happened to his "Yes we can" chants?! He seems to have forgotten that. His chant now is a whimpering "Things will get worse before they get better." And, under his lying leadership, they have gotten worse!

But, have no fear. Americans are fully awake. This land that we love has been a welcome shelter in the midst of this political and religious storm known as the Obama Administration. But in the end, we can also count on this being the land that will hold Obama in the Halls of Shame. For unlike our presidents in the past, Obama has blatantly taken steps to abuse his position of authority to usurp power and eliminate the Congress and the constitution in toto.

Despite what Obama says, we cannot trust his answers for this nation’s ills. His so-called solutions have increasingly worstened our conditions. Ask businessmen and businesswomen, wall street, bankers, auto workers, insurance agencies and hospitals, families, rich and poor. But Godly Preachers will declare and decree that Obama’s solutions shall never remain without a Godly response for his destructive acts against God’s beloved people. And hate bill signed into law or not, we will fearlessly stand to preach what is true, Godly, and of God. We will defend the faith against illegal attempts to deny us our God-given rights.

Americans are not weak. Americans are not deceived. Americans are saying, "Enough!" And every voice that Obama seeks to silence will demonstrate a forthright example of Obama’s own ungodly traits which he is openly and arrogantly displaying as he seeks to utterly dismantle the U.S. constitution with impunity and without accountability. And the more he tries to do that, the more Americans shall step forth and openly vow, "Never again!"

Citizens can look to 2010 for the return of Godly values, mores, traditions, morals, and truth because God is the one who is in total control and not any puny man, woman, boy or girl who believes they own America and Americans.

God bless America. The land that we love. Stand beside her and guide her. And let Barack Obama and his cohorts know America is calling out -- FREEDOM! And they did not give it and they will never be able to take it away. So we can boldly proclaim that America’s July 4Th and Barack Hussein Obama are facing a collision ahead, as long as he believes America is his to create a progressive-socialist-communist-Marxist-homosexual-atheist-coalition dictatorship in place of our constitutional Republic with its democratic representative government! Stay tuned.


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