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Our first responses to the article were in strong disagreement and to try and achieve some balance we reproduce these below, as well as a couple of positive comments.  Our thanks to those who wrote us.

The subject is necessarily contentious, but it is felt that it is important prior to voting in the associated poll that the original article is read in full, as well as the need to view the entire video referred too as well.



Most disappointed in this slam at LEOs. Examples I, as a member of JPFO and IALEFI, completely find wrong and offensive:

"When a policeman pulls over a driver whose computer record shows not only the driver’s license of the vehicle’s owner, but the fact that they have a concealed carry permit, it is too often SOP for the cop to approach the vehicle, gun drawn, order the man or woman from the car, put them on their knees and cuff them before anything else transpires." Might have been true 10 years ago, but not today.

"You -- ALL of you -- law enforcement officers, will then need us, the armed citizenry … " How does one tell the difference between "the law-abiding armed citizenry" and the NON-law-abiding armed citizenry?

Not only is the piece far to lone, but it is poorly written and doesn’t honor American LEOs.

Chuck Klein, JPFO Life Member
Member: IALEFI



I have supported JPFO as a common sense group; until now.
I worry that JPFO isn’t simply a valueless organization looking for attention by creating discourse wherever possible.

You are moving entirely the wrong way and playing into the hands of your opposition.
Assuming, of course, JPFO is in support of American Liberty as you seem to express.

The propaganda you are supporting about American Law Enforcement is working against America. (IE: "The Largest Gang in America" ...... Law Enforcement??? "CRIMINALS IN BLUE"???)
If your intention is to pull the last cornerstone of security out from the structure of American society then this is the tool and you have begun using it well.

I suppose next will be propaganda videos about "Israel: The Largest Gang in the Middle East."?

Many of the events outlined are only partial in nature, and in some instances, set up or edited to provide a negative image of LE Officers to the viewer.

Some ARE admittedly, and disgustingly, BAD COPS who should never have been hired in the first place and most certainly should have been fired or criminally charged..
An educated and supportive citizenry is the best way to help keep LE "clean"
Believe me when I say there is nothing worse for a good LEO when having to work with bad cops or in a corrupt agency.

But please don’t fall into the enemy’s trap!
We need GOOD Dedicated LE Officers.
They are US; the People; regular citizens willing to risk their lives to protect YOU..
THEY are our protection against crime and our Soldiers in arms ready to protect against aggression.
IF we don’t isolate them with hate and distrust.

The last thing you want to do is support an increasing isolation by our LE Officers.
Do that to anybody and they will "move" to where they find support; Try the government on for size.

It’s already beginning to happen.

American citizens NEED to be actively involved with their various LE departments.
Go on a Ride-along.
See what their environment looks like from the inside.
Get to know LE Officers and understand their stresses and working conditions.
Act to support the exclusion of "bad apples".

But don’t isolate good Law Enforcement.
They need to see the good citizens they are reportedly supporting and serving.
Most of what they see are the bad citizens and the enemy who want the LE agencies to be on THEIR side or, at least, NOT be in their way so they can get at you.

I can easily go through event after event and tell you which were caused by bad cops, simply poor training and discipline, or are well done and professional but "edited" to create a bad image.

Try waking in the shoes of a LE Officer if you have the courage.

Work with them and please stop spreading the enemy’s propaganda unless that is your intention.
You’ve done a damagingly good job so far.

Very Sincerely,
Thomas Bach
3rd gen. LEO; Retired



You lost me on this one !!!!!!! I am an ex-cop and was in private law enforcement for over 30 years !!!! If you don’t like cops the next time you need help ... call a criminal.

Ray Mirabile .... Chicago, Illinois...

P.S.. Don’t give me any nonsense about if you had a gun you wouldn’t need a cop ... I support 2a ... but not all situations call for a gun ... you cherry picked some situations and edited others for your benefit. If that is the kind of organization you are running I will not only opt out but encourage others to do so also ... stay with the truth, not anti-cop slander that puts dedicated officers at more risk than they already face everyday !!!!


Yes, you may use my comments and my name ... like you I feel that if you won’t put your name to something or to your opinion, it is worthless. I became a member and subscriber because I believe in 2a, in the right for "Israel" to exist (in peace !!) and I understand the common bond of Christians and Jews .... (for almost 40 years after the crucifixion Jews and "believers" worshiped together in synagogues until "politics" forced the separation ... it was after that the "apostasy" began in the new "Christian" religion).....but I think that you go overboard on your criticism of law enforcement ...... yes there are abuses but they are not wide spread .. remember almost 70% of the armed forces of the u.s. would not "draw down" on fellow americans .. I believe that number is even higher in the law enforcement community !!!! One caveat .. cops can be duped as well as any other group into believing that a "crackdown" is necessary for the safety of the community i.e. New Orleans during Katrina .... it is the politicians ... liars and thieves that they are, that we must protect ourselves against and try to let the military and law enforcement know and understand that we are all on the same page ... it is the scum politicians that try to divide us for their own personal power and benefit

Ray Mirabile...Chicago, Illinois

Addition, 2/25/10 - Received from Ray Mirabile ........

I responded to your articles on the "gang" of cops .... as an ex-police officer ... I stoutly rejected your opinion and you published my views ... I hope that you are able to open the link and read just a few of the stories about law enforcement officers being brutally murdered in cold blood .... the article below (link) says a lot .... your anti-police rhetoric (I believe) puts good officers at an even higher risk ... thanks ... Ray Mirabile.

"Killed Because They Were Cops" ...........

It was a crime that shocked the country: four Lakewood (WA) Police officers shot by a lone gunman as they sat in a coffee shop the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving, planning their upcoming shift. It would be the last of five multiple-fatality shootings of officers nationwide during 2009.
Remembering Fallen Heroes
Tragically, these types of ambush assassinations of U.S. law enforcement officers occur far too often. In fact, research records kept by the Memorial Fund reveal that more than 1,600 law enforcement officers have been ambushed and killed by cold-blooded assassins throughout our nation???s history. Read more about some of these horrific incidents and the heroes whose lives were cut short in Craig Floyd???s recent ???In the Line of Duty??? column.



Portland area events are featured in the video linked below. - (Webmaster, - The video we had referred to)

From what I have seen in my 20+ years practicing law, the incidents depicted in the video are common. Yes, common.

When I ran for Attorney General last election, I said I knew I had no chance of winning because I believe and will say that we have far too many police officers and sheriff’s deputies and state police troopers. We, as a society, need to reduce the size and power of our police agencies.

We, as a society, need to re-arm and police ourselves. And yes, I believe that felons need to be armed and should participate in policing society too. Felon disarmament is a recent and unconstitutional ("shall not be infringed" means shall not be infringed) innovation.

James E. Leuenberger
Attorney & Counselor at Law




I’ve been asking this question forever without a response. Why is the govt targeting law abiding gun owners yet ignoring where the real crime is coming from gangs. I suspect the govt is either afraid of the "gangs" or in collusion with them. This is the main question that needs to be addressed.

As always keep up the good work.
About the NRA, I may not renew membership.



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