Why are the police outgunned?



By Michael Savage, Copied from "The Savage Nation"


April 8th 2009

In the last two or three weeks, the United States has seen an unprecedented outcropping of violent shootings, much of it directed at the police. As a result, seven police officers are dead. Over a dozen civilians have been killed. Why is this happening now? Obviously this has nothing to do with race. The shooters run the racial gamut. A black shot the police in Oakland. A white shot the police in Pittsburgh. And a Vietnamese individual shot the civilians. But in both cases where police were killed, an assault rifle was used.

So why are our police outgunned? Is it because of the politically correct rules of engagement that have been imposed on them over the last 30 years? Or is it because there are too many assault weapons in the hands of criminals? If we decided we wanted to have real borders, maybe we could stop the flood of weapons that come from Mexico, Russia, China, and Eastern Europe. But now that they’re here, how can we allow our police to by the criminal and the insane. So I put the question to the Savage Nation. Is it time to ban assault rifles? What are they really needed for?

Of course, I can already hear callers telling me, “Well, Mike, if we’re armed with these weapons, the government can’t possibly take our rights away.” That is nonsense. If the government wants to take your rights away or imprison you for whatever reason, your owning an assault rifle is not going to stop it. So we have to ask: If the police are not allowed to have these types of weapons, then why is the public allowed have them. I want you, The Savage Nation to tell me why.

Obama and the Muslim world

Today during a speech in Turkey, the first Muslim country that Obama has visited as president of the United States, B.O. said that we are not and will never be at war with Islam.

I’ve told you before on this program that while not all Muslims are terrorists, almost all terrorists seem to be Muslim. And given that we have been and continue to be engaged in a war on terrorism, isn’t it just a bit irresponsible to imply that there’s nothing approaching a conflict between Islam and the West? Islam as it is practiced by many extremists is incompatible with the modern world. The radical Islamofascists treat their women like cattle, approve of the death of civilians for the purpose of religious war, and live in a way that has not changed since the 9th century. In a fundamental way, Islam and the West are at war. Call it a cold war if you want, but I’m not sure the victims of 9/11, the victims of the Bali bombing, the victims of the Madrid bombing, or the victims of the London bombing would agree with you.

Another interesting thing that Obama said in his speech was that Islam has done much for the United States.

The Islamic faith has done much for my own country. That’s interesting. Can you name a single positive influence that Islam has had on America? Can you name a single prominent Muslim in the history of the United States who has impacted this country in a positive way? In fact, very few Muslims historically have immigrated to the United States. Maybe Obama’s words are just a part of the big lie. If he repeats it often enough, maybe people will think it is true.


Aaron Zelman’s Open letter response.


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