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"Are Politicians Even Worried About the 2010 Elections?"


Mr. Zelman

I want to take the time to thank you for your letter regarding the destruction and takeover of America. I have sent your letter to everyone on my email list. I have been so disturbed since November 4, 2008, and I could never put into words exactly what was happening. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for putting my thoughts into words that I could give to the people in my life I so cherish. G-d Bless you Mr. Zelman, and may His covering remain on you.




(re. elections 2010) I thought we would experience this when Clinton was in the White House!!!




I still enjoy much of your stuff, especially No Guns for Negroes, but you're going to loose your moderate supporters like me if you keep pushing to the fringe. Do those scare tactics really bring in contributions? I have to guess YES or you wouldn't get so far out there.

But think of what you do when you demonize our president. You are doing exactly what the Jew Haters did when they wanted to turn the population against your people and make it okay to send them to ovens. What will you say if some nut case shoots Obama, Reid, or Pelosi, and then cites your writings as the proof they had to go?

Aaron look at your rhetoric: “What do you call ten million illegal aliens in America? Why can’t we call it what it is? It’s an invasion.”

What do you call ten million Jews in Israel? Why can’t we call it what it is? It’s an invasion. - signed the PLO.

I'm going to the AIPAC Dinner next month. They get my small contribution - not JPFO. Please think more about what you are saying.




(re. elections 2010) I doubt it.

And when I've expressed my concerns to friends, most of them used to just tell me I was being overly paranoid. Asking the question of them again in the last few weeks, however, I have gotten different responses, such as "I'm not sure."

All it takes is one act of terror, either real or manufactured, and the elections can be postponed indefinitely. And in government terms, "indefinitely" means just that.

I'm worried. But I'm ready, and luckily I live in a very conservative area, where even law enforcement officers are concerned about the same things that concern me.

I only hope our military and civilian law enforcement officers will remember that their oaths place the Constitution at the top of those things to be protected.

L.R .



My brother Aaron. Your letter is "Right On The money" I am passing it on!




I really enjoyed reading the attached but I have yet another question relating to the immediate future and possibility of no elections held this coming Nov. 2010.

My question is: What happens if Obama declares "Martial Law" between now and election day? This can easily happen if there are the civil uprisings, whether real or contrived, that we all seem to be expecting.
The answer is simply - there are no elections allowed during Martial Law. This would also explain why our politicians are not concerned at all about upcoming elections - There won’t be any!!!




I totally, 1000%, agree with you. I have been telling members of my family and friends for months that I strongly do not believe we will be having November elections. In my opinion, I believe that the government will create a terrorist attack on our own country and possibly declare marshal law to try to render the U.S. citizens helpless. Trust me, with all of their secret corrupt meetings behind closed doors for their health care vote, these traitors of the Constitution have been promised some kind of deal to protect them from losing their seats.

I believe time is very short for the American people to be free unless we stand together against tyranny. It seems that the people in this country who are labeled as terrorists according to HLS, are G-d fearing and G-d loving, right to bear arms advocates, who believe in the Constitution of the United States, with the mentality of We the People. I think our choice will be this: Stand strong for our rights and be patriots, and maybe die fighting for our beliefs, or give in and end up being killed at a FEMA camp anyway. Do not be fooled, this once great G-d fearing government is now evil and corrupt. Stand strong. I hope I am wrong in my very bleak outlook, I really do, I hope I am very wrong.





I just got done reading your article " Are Politicians Even Worried About the 2010 Elections?”

The answer is NO. Most are running unopposed, it cost a ton of money to get started and to run, you have got to spend time to run and if you are a working person you are JOB (just over broke).

The election rules are long and it takes a bank of lawyers to advise, and an accountant to handle the money. That all cost money and We the People just do not have it.

Yes, some will be replaced but the replacements will not do anything different and the ones who are defeated will walk away with a nice fat pension, paid for by the taxpayers, and then go to work for a lobby. Nice work if you can get it.

I am running for office in NC as a Libertarian, I have no money but time. I will score votes and get the message out. I am hoping that some will listen, last time some did.




Dear Sir,

I read your message about the November elections, and quite agree. Obama and his gang of anarchists, Communists, Socialists, tax cheats, and thugs know full well that the November elections will be a disaster for the Democrat party, and will destroy his ability to pass legislation to further his overthrow of the government.

As I see it, his only chance to complete the overthrow is to suspend the elections. It would appear that he is planning to declare martial law to accomplish that purpose. He vilifies the Tea Party as a group of angry radicals, bigots, racists, and dangerous extremists.

There is currently a "news" story gaining headlines about a militia group in Michigan. His administration is decidedly anti-Second Amendment. All his rhetoric damns any opposition as anti-American, or anti-government (he's right about that one). He wants to control broadcasting to silence conservative talk radio and FOX NEWS.

It is clear that he is making a case for a declaration of Martial Law. With that, he will suspend the Congress, and/or suspend the elections, "for the safety of the members." He will then rule the country by "Executive Orders". We will become, by fiat, a dictatorship.




Dear Mr. Zelman.

I am not convinced that there will be no elections in November 2010, but I am convinced that the crooks who sold their vote and will probably lose their jobs are being promised presidential appointments by Obama himself. In other words, their careers of corruption are not over, but will be "fundamentally transformed" into something much worse where there are no elections required.


P.S. I'm one of your Catholic supporters.



I surely expected the 2008 elections to be suspended by Bush! He's the one who signed the executive orders suspending all usual government activities in case of any emergency.



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