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Racism and Firearms
By Larken Rose

Let me preface this piece by saying two things: 1) As a white, non- Jewish, heterosexual male, I'm in the one group that's not allowed to give opinions on racism, and 2) I don't care, and I'm going to anyway.

While there are some who hallucinate racism everywhere they look, usually as an excuse to get some sort of special benefit from "government," there are some real racists around. The question is, how much do they matter? In most cases, the accurate, though politically-incorrect answer is, "not much."

If someone thinks that I'm evil because of my race, or my religion, why should I care? During my year-long prison stay (for saying things the IRS didn't like), I met a person who openly preached that "whitey" (which presumably includes me) is the Devil. But since he never did anything about it, or showed any signs that he intended to, I didn't care. If someone says that everyone of your race or religion is stupid, or nasty, or in some way inferior or bad, why would you even care? Ever heard of "stick and stones"? Of course, if they actually resort to sticks and stones, or--as is more common these days--the violence of government, then there is a real problem. But if all they do is whine and criticize, who cares? Are we such sissies that we can't tolerate a little name-calling? When did Americans become such thin-skinned wimps?

If people would stop obsessing on what others SAY about them, and pay a little more attention to what others are DOING to them via government, we might not be in this situation. For example, which of the following should worry Jews more: 1) some loud-mouthed skinhead who is constantly saying that all Jews are evil, but never resorts to using violence, or 2) a Jewish politician advocating that everyone (including Jews) be forcibly disarmed and rendered defenseless?

If someone is advocating that government force be used to deprive you of your freedom, shouldn't that be a bigger concern to you than someone who merely says nasty things about you? On the other hand, racism COMBINED with "government" has historically been a horrendous tool for oppression, whether you're talking about Hitler's disarming of the various "undesirables," or the American politicians disarming blacks just a few decades back. But even real racism, without the help of government, is hardly a threat at all.

Even the cliche of the angry, racist lynch mobs of yesterday relies heavily on government helping, or at least turning a blind eye to such things, and on "law" being used to DISARM the intended victim beforehand. How many cowardly, racist bullies do you think would show up to burn a cross on the front yard of someone who owned a semi-auto 12-gauge Kalashnikov? Once an intended victim is disarmed, however, oppressing, harassing, or even murdering him is rather easy. And historically, so-called "gun control" has been used for that very purpose.

So why is it that those who claim to be "black leaders," while constantly harping on the supposed threat of the ubiquitous white racist, are at the same time conspiring to deprive black Americans (and everyone else) of the ability to defend themselves, under the euphemism of "gun control"? If someone is trying to render you helpless, THAT is the person to distrust, even if he's the same color as you, and even if he pretends to be your friend and ally. For example, if Jesse Jackson is an advocate of the rights of blacks, and an opponent of racism, why did he have nothing to say about agents from U.S. Department of Victim Disarmament (aka the BATF) handing out "nigger hunting licenses"? If you think I'm kidding, check this out:

Though there are plenty of things that Malcolm X said that are dead wrong (mainly his pro-socialist ideas), he was right on when he explained that, though it is wrong to be an aggressor, using force-- even deadly force--in self-defense is both justified and noble. (Not surprisingly, the leftward-leaning New York Times demonized him for it. How dare those uppity blacks think they have a right to defend themselves?) When's the last time you heard any self- proclaimed "black leaders" like Al Sharpton defending the Second Amendment rights of blacks? Instead, the modern "leaders" are always proponents of GOVERNMENT "solutions," which have kept millions of blacks defenseless, helpless, and dependent for decades.

Meanwhile, the political left is always eager to portray any opponents of their "progressive" (socialist) plans as a racist. A few years back, the "Anti-Defamation League" (perhaps the most inaccurately named organization ever) even threw a veiled accusation of racism at me personally, because I don't like the IRS. (How's that for a strange leap of logic?) Personally, I believe everyone, including every Jew, has the right to be able to defend himself. Meanwhile, the ADL knowingly advocates "gun control" laws copied from the Nazis. Once again, if you think I'm kidding, behold:

So the self-proclaimed "black leaders" and the self-proclaimed Jewish "leaders" are advocating that the force of law be used to DISARM those for whom they pretend to be advocates. Meanwhile, extremist honkeys like myself believe that people of all races and religions have an unalienable right to defend themselves, and therefore have a right to possess the means to do so.

But with the constant propaganda spewed out by the government and the mainstream media, so many people are scared of all the wrong things. The truth is, whatever the tyrants tell you to be afraid of, the supposed threat is NEVER as big a danger to you as the government which offers to protect you from it. Anyone who says he is concerned for your safety, but who advocates your disarmament, is a liar. He wants you disarmed for one reason: so he can do as he pleased to you, without fear of reprisal. Whether he looks like you, or says he shares your religion, doesn't matter a bit. If he intends to oppress you, even if it's purportedly "for your own good," he is your ENEMY. And if he intends to leave you in freedom, no matter what he looks like or what he says, he's no threat to you.

If a black Islamic racist womanizing pothead LIBERTARIAN was running for President, he would be my second choice (my first choice being "no one"). What he says about me, and what I think about him personally, don't matter. Whether he will use government to initiate FORCE against me, whether to disarm me, rob me, silence me, harass me, control me, etc., is all that matters. If he'll simply LEAVE ME ALONE, then I couldn't care less what his personal beliefs and opinions are, about me or anything else.

To put it another way, government may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.


Larken Rose

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