We Are All German Jews Now?



Archived article originating from New Jersey Newsroom

Thursday 18th November, 2010
"TSA’s Nazi-like tactics should be rejected by Americans"
By Murray Sabrin

MyMurray Sabrin  parents were the only members of their respective families who survived the Holocaust. Dad was a partisan commander in his native Poland, where he and more than 230 heroic fighters killed untold German soldiers, laid mines and attacked convoys. In 1949, my parents decided to immigrate to America so they and their children (including yours truly) would live in their new homeland — the beacon for all oppressed peoples for two hundred years — in peace and freedom.

Mom and Dad had one overriding wish in choosing to come to America; they would never have to fight Nazism ever again, especially in a land that values individual liberty. Unfortunately, despite all the constitutional protections the American people are supposed to have, the Nazification of the United States, a nation I swore to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, when I became a citizen in 1959, is occurring because the political elites keep telling us the federal government has to use all the means at its disposal to keep our homeland safe and wage a global war against terrorism.

A brief history is in order. After taking power in 1933, Hitler’s regime quickly declared Jews "sub-human." Then, economic warfare against the Jews began. In 1934, the Star of David was painted on Jewish shops with the word "Juden" written on front windows. In short, to be a German Jew in the early years of Nazi Germany meant essentially you were an "enemy of the state," because Hitler asserted as early as 1920: "None but members of the nation may be citizens of the State. None but those of German blood may be members of the nation. No Jew, therefore, may be a member of the nation."

By law, Jews were forced to sit in designated areas on buses, trains, and park benches. The 1935 Nuremberg Laws abolished the Jews’ German citizenship and prohibited marriage between Jews and non-Jews. Soon thereafter violence against Jews spread. Jews who could pay an exit fee were able to flee Germany. The Jews who remained in their homeland faced incredible economic hardship until the Final Solution.

In Nazi Germany and then occupied Europe, Jews became the object of one of the most virulent hate campaigns in the history of the world, and victims of a systematic attempt to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

In sum, when the Hitler regime demonized, dehumanized and demeaned one of the most productive groups in German society because of a collectivist ideology — Antisemitism, all the social, political, and psychological ingredients fell in place paving the way for the Holocaust.

The introduction of so-called porno scanners at America’s airports and the egregious pat downs of airline travelers have turned every American into a German Jew. Instead of dehumanizing and demeaning one segment of the population in order to pave the way for the Holocaust, all airline travelers are being treated like German Jews by our government for our own good — to keep us safe from terrorists on airplanes.

The TSA now considers every American a potential "enemy of the state," because any one of us may be carrying a bomb aboard an airplane, despite the fact that young men from the Middle East perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

Hold on say TSA officials and their lackeys in Congress and in the media. Our federal government is not out to harm us let alone kill us like the Nazis did to the Jews; our government needs to conduct "aggressive measures" to "protect" us on all commercial flights from potential terrorists. That is the party line.

Nonsense. We are witnessing a great leap forward in the creation of an American version of Nazism. What if the next terrorist attack — and I hope and pray there is not one — is at a mall or on the Interstate Highway? Will the next chapter in the fight against terrorism be porno scanners at all American malls and roadblocks on all Interstate Highways?

The more I see of the porno scanners and the pat downs on news shows, the more incensed I become. A recent poll suggests that 81% of America supports the use of porno scanners. Be careful what we wish for. As Benjamin Franklin astutely observed more than 200 years ago: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety".

There is one surefire way to end the Nazification of America. As Lew Rockwell recently posted on his blog: … "there is one reform (that) would actually end terrorism, not just fight it, and do so immediately: Withdraw all the troops from Muslim countries, and abolish the CIA. Stop interfering in other countries’ lives. Stop murdering, controlling, manipulating. Feds, mind our own business."

However, the interventionists do not want to end terrorism. They want to perpetuate the "war on terror" so they can control the movement of the American people, control the U.S. economy as much as possible, or profit handsomely from the sale of porno scanners.

We should honor the lives of Jews who suffered the indignities of the Nazi regime (November 9 and 10 was the 72nd anniversary of Kristallnacht) and express our opposition to the TSA’s Nazi-like tactics by wearing an armband with a Star of David with the words, "American citizen: Don’t Tread on Me." I will be getting my armband made ASAP and will wear it until the TSA ends its Nazi-like tactics and respects our constitutional rights. I hope all freedom loving Americans do likewise.


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