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Anthony P Colandro, Gun For Hire LLC


Anthony Colandro runs Gun for Hire, the largest firearms training facility in New Jersey. He's one of the voices of the pro-2A pro-liberty community here: he podcasts on Gun for Hire Radio, serves as Treasurer of the Association of NJ Rifle and Pistol Clubs, and is involved with legislative and get-out-the-vote efforts. Anthony was the first life member of JPFO that I ever met, and I recently asked him to offer his perspective on why he is so supportive of JPFO.

Rabbi Dovid Bendory, JPFO's Rabbinic Director.


As the owner of the largest firearm training facility in New Jersey, it is almost a daily occurrence that I meet with Jews and non-Jews that are indifferent to lawful firearm ownership. I have been a single item voter for the past twenty years, but because I am a Roman Catholic of Italian and English descent, many people -- especially my Jewish students -- find it odd that I am a life member of the JPFO. My response is that I do not have to be Jewish, but I do share with JPFO a love for my freedom and independence, and therefore the JPFO is for me.

In the New York tristate area over the past forty years, we have managed to demonize the tool instead of the criminal, which makes it very hard to convince gun-phobic law-abiding citizens to rethink their views. I feel it is my calling to convert as many people as possible into believers and members of the pro-rights community, and I have a pretty good track record -- thanks in part to the real-world arguments fueled by the literature I receive from the JPFO.

The stance that the JPFO has taken over the past twenty years is not hard-line but truthful. I tell all of my students that they need to wake up and empower themselves both with information and practical skills. It is our responsibility to learn the safety rules, purchase a firearm, and practice safe and responsible gun ownership. Better to be prepared and not need firearms then to not prepare and wish you had.

Anthony P Colandro
Gun For Hire LLC

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