BATFE / Department of Justice cover up
is now officially disgusting.



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What will it take to get Congress to appoint an Independent Prosecutor to formally get to the bottom of the horrific BATFE debacle called "Project Gun Runner"? How high did the criminally illegal authorization go?

Americans now sit saddled with an anti-gun administration and its lap dog Congressional shills when this freedom killing administration might be evaporated with a single legal finding from Congress.

Why the delay?!

An Independent Prosecutor’s finding could well blow Attorney General Eric Holder out of the water, get him fired, and perhaps jailed. In exchange for leniency, Holder would very likely point directly to his boss in the White House as Holder was being taken down. Bingo! Obama and his anti-gun treachery gone … out of our lives.

KEY QUESTION: Why hasn’t every pro-gun rights member of Congress signed on to a call for an Independent Prosecutor?

JPFO suggests you widely disseminate our latest flier. Send a copy to your local news media and your representatives.

This present situation is intolerable. It drags on and on, when an Independent Prosecutor could wrap this all up in a couple of months.

Our nation’s Attorney General is potentially an abetting felon with American blood on his hands (dead border agent Brian Terry).

Additionally, why hasn’t the powerful NRA called in favors with every single "pro-gun" member of Congress? An entire American political party should now be united behind the call for an Independent Prosecutor. What is going on? And why? It's time for Wayne LaPierre to really crack the whip across the backs of the foot draggers in Congress.

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