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Following the JPFO open letter to Ted Nugent on 5/4/10, we have received a large amount of feedback. JPFO has yet to hear from Ted Nugent himself.
(In fact, no response was ever received, as at July 2011).



Are you aware that the NRA lobbied to prevent an expansion of right to carry a firearm in Georgia? NRA threatened to lower the grade of any Georgia state representatives who voted for the expansion?

See this link:

They still passed it, and sent it to the Governor to sign.

Ted needs to open his eyes. His interview in the the latest "Rifleman", he stated: "If your not a a member of the NRA your helping the enemy" on page 16 of the May 2010 issue.

Well I am not a member, funny … I never see the NRA, their lawyers or Ted Nugent at any of the Federal trials of gun owners … and uncle Ted says I’m helping the enemy .... What a crock!

Sorry Ted, your wrong!

Len Savage

JPFO doesn’t want a curve. I’m not against absolute grading, but absolute grading is not the big problem. The problem is dishonesty and hidden agendas. If the NRA graded on an honest curve based on honest, open criteria, it would be a massive improvement. But the NRA simply lies about the issues, the candidates, the criteria, the grades, and its own positions. There is no honest, known standard, relative or absolute.

It appears staff either supports anti-gun candidates because of their anti-gun positions, or for quid pro quo for staff, contrary to the interest of the membership. I don’t believe there’s any gullibility or suckering involved. They know what they’re doing.



My feelings exactly. I was an easy pay life member some 15 years ago and due to the fact that I distributed fliers to NRA members during the convention here in Phoenix in 1995 (?) documenting Bob Dole and his participation with the NRA in allowing the Brady Bill and Assault Weapons Bans to pass, Tanya Mataska herself revoked my membership.

Given that NRA leadership specifically does not want to take a "radical" stance against Gun Control, JPFO gets my monthly donation. Their loss, your gain.

C. B.

Right on brothers. I am planning on getting a life membership next Christmas, keep up the good work!


Aaron.. You really are a phenomenal fellow .. unlaureled to be sure but not for a lack of service to the Country and Liberty.


Well done.

I hope Uncle Ted gets the message and responds.

T.B. LEO Retired

Mr. Aaron Zelman,

You Sir, are a master! Your Open Letter to Ted Nugent is the FIRE that has been missing from ALL pro-gun organizations, not limited just to the NRA but ESPECIALLY to the NRA!
Thank you!
Ft. Pierce, FL

I’m a lifetime NRA member, $3,500 level Patron #xxxxxxxx

I am also a fully paid life member of every other gun rights group including GOA and JPFO.

I am very unhappy with the way the NRA bargains away my "inalienable rights."

I know Ted has the nuts to make sure that the NRA is exposed for the bunch of worthless low-life scum that they are.

The NRA operates on the "Ground Hog" principle that says, "If you shoot all the ground hogs today, there wont be any for next year."

The NRA needs gun control in order to keep bleeding its members to donate money so that they can negotiate with the gun control people and the NRA can keep their jobs.

C. L. N.

This was a really great article! I hope that you will publish Nugents’s response!



I can’t begin again to express my thanks to you for the great work you are doing. This is an absolutely terrific letter. I hope Nugent does something with it, like follow your suggestions.

Thanks again, Allan

This is GREAT! Not the letter I was expecting, but definitely the letter that needed writing. Here’s joining you in the hope that Ted Nugent reads this and takes it to heart.

Keep up the fantastic work, Aaron! And thank you for your service.


Allen G. L. Life Member, JPFO

Sorry, I’m already an NRA member, Gun Owners of America member, a USCCA member and a member of Buckeye Firearms. We need everyone workng for our 2nd Amendment rights. I do believe that the JPFO and the Gun Owners of America are more aggressive in protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Thanks, Gary

Good luck getting thru to Nugent ..... .I personally don`t like him, and believe his crazy, over the top chatter is a bad deal for the gun owners he supposedly represents, and no, he doesn`t speak for me.

Additionally, as an NRA Life-Endowment member, I`m fed up with them, from Chris Cox stating that the Second Amendemnt is tied to hunting, to their complate lack of engagement in all that`s going on around us, they`ve lost my confidence. I like you and GOA much better .......


Many of the reasons I let my membership expire to the NRA last year.
Here in GA, they were sponsoring a gun bill, SB291, that left the Public No Gathering Law in effect.
It based on racism....keeping the guns out of the hands of the Negroes. And as we know, the 1968 GCA has racism in it too.

We got our bill SB308 passed in both houses, no thanks to the NRA. Now waiting for the Governer to sign it into law.

Thanks for the open letter to Uncle Ted.

J. L.

Total agreement.. Except I’m an NRA life member and from Texas .. and not Jewish .. but all that aside, total agreement. At least i’m not as neurotic as Woody Allen.


Great Ted letter, will copy, and pass to local gun stores. Ted is a a***ole. On Alex’s show he said he is a deputy sheriff and likes to kick in pot smokers doors! He is a a***ole, and karma will catch up with him.

Thanks guys, your friend Ed from PA !

Great points guys, proud to have joined you.


Great letter Mr. Zelman! I forwarded your letter to the NRA asking them/Ted if they have, or are planning to respond to your points. The form response was, they will be getting back to me shortly. I’ll be sure and forward their reply.

Thanks! S.T.

PS- I will be rejoining the JPFO post haste!

Another thing that should be on the list is that NRA should recant its support for Bush in 2004.

Only Michael Badnarik, Libertarian for President in 2004 really supported gun rights.


Spent 45 minutes on hold (thankfully, I have a speaker phone) waiting to ask Ted for his response.

He’s a weekly guest on Monday Nights Cam&Company, by the way.

I have tried, many times, to contact him on this show. For some odd reason, they never seem to get to either my calls or my ’talk backs’. No, I’m not surprised. There’s no way that the NRA would allow Ted to be asked anything that might put him outside his/their comfort-zone. Plus, I know that the NRA doesn’t want to upset their buddies at BATFE.

Just thought I’d let you know that people are trying to get through to him.

Sincerely, R.W.

Mr. Zelman,

I read your letter with great interest and was impressed by the spirit with which you articulated your views.

I am a member of the NRA, and have heard of most of the issues you raised in your preconditions to joining.

I am not going to make a case for the NRA. They do have a long way to go to be ideal for every gun-owner, but I do believe they have been fairly effective in promoting gun rights. I don’t know to what degree they have been successful by being politic, and to what degree they may decrease their effectiveness by being more aggressive, if any. But given the current political climate, I, personally, would like to view them as stauncher advocates rather than politicians.

I believe the opposition is preparing a full-blown political and legal assault on the Second Amendment, as evidenced by Sec. Clinton recently reiterating support for a UN Small Arms Treaty. As you know, there are many more such alarming developments regarding our Rights.

I am personally "on the fence" regarding renewing my membership, and was leaning towards not doing so. Your letter may well have influenced me to the point of carrying through with that.

While I have not been a terribly active member of the NRA, perhaps I’ll forward your letter (even though they obviously know of it), as well as my letter here, and even possibly initiate a petition, to the degree I’m able to, within the organization itself.

I want to thank you for penning the Open Letter, as it may well make a difference in the manner in which the NRA, or it’s members, proceed.

Sincerely, D.K. Norwell MA

That was great. Please keep it up.

Oh, I’ll be mailing you a check to help with "No Guns for Jews." I got your mailing about it yesterday.

Thanks, B.O.


I just read your letter to Ted Nugent about when you would become an NRA member and let me tell you, you are right on the money,

Just to protect myself I have to have five different permits that covers me in 37 states, and when people say to me ’wow thats cool’, I always respond NO, that’s disgraceful, we should not need a permission slip from the goverment to have something thats already a G-d given right, and how can we have an agency (BATFE )enforce gun laws which are already un-constitutional ,,, keep up the awesome work .

Your brother in arms, J.C.

Dear Aaron,

You have outlined it better than I ever could as to WHY I NO LONGER BELONG TO THE NRA.

Thank you. S.G.

Great letter, JFPO!

Bill S

I just read your open letter to NRA board member Ted Nugent. Thanks for challenging Mr. Nugent, I’m sure he is up for your challenge. Please keep us posted to his reply, as this WILL affect my further contributions to NRA. Thanks for your tireless work on our behalf.

As I’m not under the same restrictions as yourself, I’ll spell it out for you. Good luck and God bless you,

Dennis M. L. Kuttawa, KY



I read your letter to Ted Nugent and I want to thank and congratulate you on a letter well-written. Hopefully he will do something about these absurd gun control laws we have in our country.

Very respectfully, B.B.

Unfortunately, as the time goes by the enemies of America together with the traitors and the domestic enemies within are continuing to push our country towards the path of destruction, towards a totalitarian FASCIST police state.

Interestingly, NAZIS were tied, convicted and sentenced in Nuremberg trials. Yet the globalist crowd that is openly conspiring on population redaction, crowd which engineers wars, releases diseases and finances terror campaign go unchallenged and unpunished.

As a non-Jewish person, I wish that all Jewish people would stand united. Unfortunately, every segment of human society has it’s share of naive fools and people willing to sell-out even to sell their souls - not thinking of consequences.

Aaron’s letter is right on the money. I am forwarding it to all my NRA friends. I had lot of expenses. Once our accounts recovers a bit, I will mail you a donation.


Dear Aaron,

I was enjoying your letter to Ted until I read this:

"On top of that, tobacco is a drug. Alcohol is a drug. Give that authority to the FDA. Explosives? Wasn’t that an FBI specialty already?"

Exactly how are we any more rightfully subject to the DEA or FBI than to the BATFE?

"Gun control" and "the war on drugs" are both the SAME violation of our human right to self ownership. Responsible gun ownership is founded and nurtured in self ownership and self responsibility. _It is sorely sad to see JPFO insist on adulthood for us as far as guns are concerned, yet support (in any measure) continued infancy/slavery when it comes to what we eat, drink, smoke, or anything else._

Why is that, I wonder?

And "explosives?" Isn’t it always against the true laws of the universe to harm other people? Those who do so by any manner must be found and punished. Prior restraint, however, is both impossible in its purpose and destructive to the lives and freedom of everyone. Just exactly as with gun "laws" that attempt to "prevent" crimes, the only people restrained are the honest people who need tools for self defense from those criminals who will always ignore the law - ALL of them.

So, what makes the FBI or DEA any different in your estimation than the BATFE? The horrors and crimes they have committed are just as terrible, and growing with each day. Let’s be consistent. You rightly call for the abolition of the BATFE. The rest of the alphabet gangs from Washington DC need to be dumped on the same dung heap.

Yours, S.C. Editor/owner, The Price of

I quit the NRA for another reason.

They buy junk from China to entice members to renew their memberships early. China, where government thugs can barge into your house and drag your pregnant wife down to the abortion clinic to perform an abortion on your second child! China, with no right to self defense, slave labor, religious persecution, and national doctrine stating that war with the United States is inevitable. I have no use for the NRA.


Dear Friends -

I’m a proud member of BOTH the NRA and JPFO. More then any other organization the JPFO defines and embodies the real reason why being armed with effective means of defense is a essential quality of any free people. This is why I am member.

A lot of other pro gun organizations that claim to be more pure and holy in their defense of A2. No the NRA is not perfect. The NRA is a big organization and can’t be all things to all people but they are THE BIG GUYS playing the game in defense of our rights in halls od power. Other groups may talk the talk but all of them combined do not even come close putting the cash and political influence back into the system where it’s needed to do the nuts and bolts work of keeping our RTKBA a reality.

All of us would be in a better position to influence the NRA to support a more pure interpretation of A2 from the inside not mention being part of the solution for the 95% of things the NRA does right. Membership costs less than what a box of ammo now does and if you don’t pony up and join, one risks being part of the problem instead. Membership in the NRA is THE VERY LEAST any gun owner should do in recognition of the efforts made by other on their behalf to keep us all free.

Fraternally yours, J.K.

RE: Your open letter to Ted Nugent.

Aaron, Your position expressed in the above referenced letter exhibits a seriously disingenuous attitude. One gun rights organization (yours) attacking another gun rights organization makes me regret that in the past I have urged gun owners to join and support JPFO, along with the NRA. I also regret the modest amount of money I have sent you. Not much money, but some donating is better than no donating. I am also disappointed in you in that you apparently have completely failed to recognize your own self-centered, hypocritical attitude found within your letter.

You and your organization are not idle bystanders in the gun rights war. You and your organization are a pro-gun rights organization for Christ’s sake. Why do you even waste time hurling criticisms at the NRA, another gun rights organization, when you yourself fail to perform/not perform many of the same items you slander the NRA for? With one exception, I have never seen the NRA trash another gun rights organization. That exception was justified because some rabid anti-gun people setup a sham organization that claimed to be pro-gun and to be speaking for the gun owners and hunters of America. In actuality, the shame organization was really working against gun owners and hunters. If I cared to take the time and analyze your letter point-by-point, I believe I could ask you some very uncomfortable questions about why you criticize the NRA for doing/not doing the very actions/inactions that you and JPFO are also guilty of.

Anytime a group, such as gun owners, wish to pool their financial and political power in the form of a pro-gun rights organization, those gun owners are going to find themselves part of an organization that doesn’t do everything those gun owners want. And they are going to find themselves part of an organization that does make mistakes. Especially when, as with the NRA, that organization that has existed for well over 100 years. You are not helping the JPFO or the gun rights war by hurting the NRA. If it brings your actions into focus for you, I will mention that Sarah Brady probably is very pleased to see you infighting with the NRA. She probably would like to see more such infighting. I hope you don’t humor her.



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