A JPFO Member Takes Issue with Bill O'Reilly

Triggered by a member’s email to JPFO



(Refer back to this Fox link on the subject and email O'Reilly)

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October 2011 page reformat - it should be noted that much has become clear on this contentious issue since the full exposure of the "Fast and Furious" program - suggesting that earlier claims about guns crossing the border were very much a smoke screen and even a ploy to engender more "gun control" . Search JPFO to find relevant articles.


To Aaron Zelman and JPFO,

First of all, please keep up the excellent work you are doing.  Show no mercy to the idiots in our government.

I could only think of bringing this to your attention, you were the first I thought to write to.

I watched The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News tonite (Thursday June 24th) at 8:00 p.m. and while Bill O’Reilly was discussing the Arizona border violence, and how the police are being threatened, with guest Sara Carter from the Washington Examiner, Bill O’Reilly stated his concern for a more secure border and his concern that "all of the guns the drug cartels are using, are coming from the United States, machine guns, etc"

O’Reilly has had other guests on his show in the past that have even told him the contrary that the majority of the guns were not from the US. 

What scares me, is that he is one of the most widely watched news shows in America.

I think he is starting to get his information from Geraldo Rivera!!

Would you please be able to check into this issue and challenge him on it?  Someone has to, and I know you people have the guts to do it.

Thank you again.

A proud supporter of JPFO.



Webmaster comment - Much suggests that cartel guns are acquired thru sources including, South America, Eastern Block countries (smuggled in) and theft from Mexican law enforcement and military.  With cartel’s huge funding, guns can be acquired from about anywhere!)  - certainly not as a prime source, the U.S.A.!


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