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The Sandy Hook shooting, in Newtown CT, has generated a large amount of material. So much so that we are archiving it all for valuable reference in the "gun control' basic category.

With the quantity of items building up, we have split into two pages, the more recent additions being on Page One. Check out all the articles you can and share.


January 27th 2013 and earlier

Guns and the president: Andrew Napolitano reviews aspects of killing -- between the government and a school shooter, as well as noting the coercive power of the federal government to take from those who have and give to those who don't.

Two new handbills: The current latest makes a statement dealing with Andrew Cuomo's draconian changes to NY State gun laws. The one prior highlights a comparison between Hitler's use of children as ''shields'' with a more recent seeming usage.

It's on! Feinstein unveiling gun-grab plan: An article from WND -- looking in depth into the predicted collection of Senator Feinstein's new "gun control" plans.

We are Now Choosing Between Guns and Words: By Rob Morse, this article looks at the Second Amendment from the perspective of events in the past through US history and abuses thereof.

The Facts About Assault Weapons and Crime: Sample excerpts from this recent article by John Lott - available in full on The Wall Street Journal web site - where you can read the entire piece.

The right to shoot tyrants, not deer: Another article from Judge Andrew Napolitano -- looking at the true meaning of the Second Amendment and explains that the right of the people to keep and bear arms is an extension of the natural right to self-defense and a hallmark of personal sovereignty.

What My Liberal Friends Need to Know About Gun Control: Dr. Michael S. Brown, a member of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, goes into some detail on the whole "gun control" issue. He looks at how gun-free schools have not helped but instead made things worse, as well as recalling the abject failure of The War on Alcohol, better known as Prohibition.

Of Despots and Sheeple: Lynn Stuter writes a very perceptive article, looking at the seeming hell-bent intentions of those in power to try and further trash the Second Amendment, and the possible concequences.

"No gun-free sign for me": Following the controversial Journal News gun permit map released recently, we'd like to let you watch a rather interesting video, which helps demonstrate the hypocrisy behind the anti-gun people -- people who'd rather not display a "no guns here" sign on their lawn!

Guns and Freedom: Judge Andrew Napolitano writes on matters legal and philosophical concerning our right to bear arms. An example of his genuine and deep American feelings.

See what gun laws do in Chicago!: While perhaps not directly associated with the Newtown massacre, this looks closely at the ridiculous efforts to achieve any kind of effective "gun control" in the Windy City. Perhaps simply demonstrating the failure of supposed "Gun Free Zones"!

LIAR?: Now that the Sandy Hook tragedy has brought on feverish "gun-control" fervor - let us be reminded of what was said during 2008 campaigning. Hollow words?!

A Lesson to be Learned on the Anniversary of Wounded Knee: Wounded Knee was among the first federally backed gun confiscation attempts in United States history. It ended in the senseless murder of 297 people. This is a sobering look at gun confiscation.

Hell No!: John Caile reviews gun shows, "loopholes" and the idiocy behind trying to make (even) more gun laws. Every one of us MUST start by demanding that our legislators, whether Democrat or Republican, refuse to go along with ANY new gun laws.

In Defense of the Second Amendment: Written by Gary North of -- this substantial and in depth piece looks at the 2A from almost feudal times right up to the present day.

Power To the People: A Daniel Greenfield article -- Gun control advocates have been digging away at the pesky 2nd Amendment for a while now ....... but the true trouble is that gun ownership is an individual right, and they don't believe in individual rights, their gospel is group rights.

Gun Control, Thought Control and People Control: A Daniel Greenfield article -- Do people kill with guns or does the availability of guns kill people? Do bad eating habits kill people or does the availability of junk food kill people?.

Nazi roots of U.S. gun-control laws: Ellis Washington writes on a subject that JPFO has long pursued and which our late Founder Aaron Zelman felt passionately about.

'Gun control' and the right to bear arms: - a Jewish point of view. Robert D. Altabet explores in considerable detail the Jewish tradition which supports a "right to bear arms," and the training to use them, as characteristics of a free people.

I am a peaceful AR-15 rifle owner: A detailed article written by a criminal defense attorney, Mark J, Victor, which expressly defends ownership of a semi-auto rifle. It goes into considerable depth on various issues.

Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown: An analysis by David Kopel looking at the mental health issue, gun-free zones and more.

After Newtown, Jews Lead Renewed Push on Guns: Rabbi Judah Freeman, JPFO Staff Writer, looks at an article published in "Forward". The article, on Jews and firearms, presents a sad and frightening snapshot of a self-important corner of the Jewish world in America.

2013: It's going to be a rough year.: Chuck Baldwin takes a look at the coming year, 2013. He considers some less than desirable events that took place a century ago in 1913 and then moves on to look at key issues facing us in the coming year -- not least of which is "gun control".

Firearm related problems and solutions: Chuck Klein, a life member of JPFO, writes some opinion on the subject. The problems looked at are pretty much self-evident -- things that have been coming up with repeated intensity over the last 13 days.

School Obama's Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards: Which brings up the protection enjoyed by the presidential children at school, and begs the question "if they can have armed personnel at their school, then why can it not be an accepted general policy?".

Applying Technical Analysis To Gun Control: This is written by a financial trader! As most might know, trading involves strategies and this writing is no exception, it's just that strategies are applied to data sets concerned with "gun control" and its effects.

Media and Tragedy: This takes a look at the media in the light of the Newtown tragedy as well as other observations. "To legally own a firearm or to not own one IS our right, and it SHOULD remain that way."

Obama's Hypocrisy Problem On Guns: Karl Denninger looks at the upsurge of anti-gun rhetoric following the Sandy Hook School massacre. In particular he points out the fact that people such as Mayor Bloomberg and the President (plus his family) have little to worry about when it comes to defending themselves. Three part article.

An opinion on gun control: Larry Correia, author of this article, is a professional novelist with long roots in firearms instruction, shooting competition, as well as having owned a gun store. He writes in great detail about numerous aspects of "gun control" in this 5 part article.

Saving Our Children From Mass Murderers: JPFO's Executive Director, Charles Heller, has written this excellent in-depth piece which looks at a broad range of analysis about the Sandy Hook massacre, and addresses the many issues which require sensible and logical solutions.

Something Needs To Change Alright!: By Chuck Baldwin, who is an experienced and prolific writer with a depth of perception that is enviable. Certainly a 'must read'.

More Sandy Hook "letters to the editor": One item is an effective analysis from Bob Pappas, "Never Let a Good Crisis Pass", and then also there is a letter which was sent to Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, describing how "gun control" is not the answer.

Sane Solutions in an Insane and Violent World: Opinion on numerous important factors that individually encapsulate the whole problem being seen.

American hero; American tragedy: A reflection on how mainstream media sensationalizes such events -- putting more emphasis on a shooter's name than that of any victim.

My Personal Pledge of Resistance Against Any Attempt to Disarm Us by Means of an "Assault Weapons Ban: Stewart Rhodes, of writes -- "My conscience, and the urgency of our current situation, compel me to speak out ..."

Conscience, Not Guns : A look at the left's preoccupation with guns as the root of the murder problem in America, and exploring matters of conscience

Do Civilians Armed With Guns Ever Capture, Kill, or Otherwise Stop Mass Shooters?: Highlighting some examples of cases where armed civilian intervention made a difference.

An Honest Liberal Writes about "Gun Control: Analysis a leftist liberal's thoughts, who amazingly seems to reach mostly the same conclusions most of us might have.

What if one of the teachers had a gun? : "Does making schools "gun-free zones" really protect children, or make them easy targets?" -- "But what if one of the teachers had a gun, too? Could Lanza have been stopped and many of the children's lives saved?"

Gun lobbyist ready to give up: A strong and incisive article by Alan Korwin -- JPFO advisor, author and owner of

Gun Control is Evil Misspelled: "Gun control is the assertion that the problem is not the guns; it's the lack of a controlling authority for all those guns."

The Only Way to Stop a Gun is With a Gun: A simple application of what should be irrefutable logic -- "It takes a gun to stop a man with a gun".

Sandy Hook "letters to the editor": Two early comments on the tragedy.

The more recent additions can be found on Page One. Check out all the articles you can and share.

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