The UN Money Trail

By Aaron Zelman, Founder and Director of
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

Copyright 2010, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, JPFO.



On July 12-23 the United Nations, with the help of the Obama administration, will continue to concoct the so-called “Small Arms Treaty”.

JPFO has emphatically warned of this insidious end-run around the Second Amendment and recent favorable pro 2A Supreme Court rulings. We have exposed Barbara Frey, of the University of Minnesota, as one of the morally corrupt collectivists behind the anti-American design of this treaty.

Keep your eyes open. Here are some angles to this deadly globalist social engineering that the U.N. will try to cover up.

1.  Even if the United States Senate doesn’t ratify the U.N. treaty (in many instances only to keep up a “pro-gun” pretense with enraged voters), one of the clauses in the scheme is international “majority rule”. The treaty will be considered an amorphous type of “International Law” even without formal U.S. approval.

Unbelievably, the U.S. Supreme Court (Justice Kennedy) has given credence to “international law” in a recent decision Truly scary is that Kennedy is one of the “conservative” Justices. The four “liberals” must certainly embrace a like view. When our highest court begins looking outside our Constitution, to foreign legal policy for “guidance”, we are in deep trouble.

2.  And remember, the major arms dealing nations in the world also control the U.N. Security Council. Billions upon billions of dollars are being made in the arms trade. The treaty will be wielded far more specifically against the “lesser” nations that manufacture firearms. The treaty will be a convenient device to secure the playing field for only the “big boys”.

♦ And remember, the major arms dealing nations in the world also control the U.N. Security Council.

3.  The largest corporations in the American firearms industry (some of them actually owned by foreign entities) might secretly embrace this treaty. Perhaps they’ll be given “carve outs”. This is a sad and troubling possibility to confront. What if the treaty reduced, or even eliminated, imported cheaper firearms (or ammunition) on the American marketplace? Restrictive legislation has frequently been used to increase the power of monopolies throughout modern history.

♦ … to increase the power of monopolies throughout modern history.

We must remember that the main players in the American gun industry duplicitously condoned the “Gun Control Act of 1968”. This draconian legislation actually mimicked Nazi German law: see "Gun Control", Gateway to Tyranny. These misguided domestic industrialists felt that they’d be able to take a significant part of the gun market back from the readily available (and cheaper) products that were being imported from other nations. (See this link, specifically page 9, for many intriguing details of GCA ’68: Firearm Owners Protection Act This was where and when the infamous “sporting purposes” language slithered into American life. (See also: "The Gang")

How disgusting. Profits first … patriotism if convenient.

♦ … patriotism if convenient.

4.  Where does ammunition enter into all of this? Certainly, small arms ammo will fall under the U.N. globalist umbrella. We’ve seen proposals for global “carbon” taxes. Why can’t we expect global ammunition taxes? This can be done either from an “environmental” angle (lead and powder pollution), or from a “health care” angle (the alleged medical costs of “gun violence”).

The great majority of political schemes (domestic and international), when rendered down to their essence, are only really about two things: Money and Power. Increased power usually breeds more money. And more money usually breeds more power.

Add to this the corrupt United Nations’ hatred for the American way of life and you have a potent mix of greed and authoritarianism fueled by self righteous envy.

♦ … hatred for the American way of life …

America is the last bastion of personal liberty on this Earth, albeit that freedom is rapidly evaporating. All the other nations of the world (excepting perhaps Switzerland) enjoy varying levels of personal liberty only at the whim of their armed governments.

Understand the U.N. Small Arms Treaty for what it is: a direct attack on our Second Amendment that is driven by monopolistic greed and lust for power. It is being promoted by advocates of a One World Government that plans to rule over universally disarmed subjects.

Although nearly all the other nations in this world, their citizens completely disarmed, are doomed to collectivism, we still have time to change the course of events here at home.

♦ … all the other nations of this world, their citizens completely disarmed, are doomed to collectivism …

It’s time for us to eject the United Nations from America, and reclaim the soil we foolishly allotted to its twisted socialist philosophies. These mind manipulators, with their lethal schemes, don’t speak for us. They don’t belong in America. They never have.

To succeed in this battle for our very survival as a free people, Americans must come together with a single and intense mindset: to return this nation to a Bill of Rights culture. We need not invent anything new! All we need do is return to the brilliant wisdom upon which this republic was founded.


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