Ghosts of Waco

Could they end the reign of Obama?



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By Jeff Knox, June 19, 2013

Could the tragic events of Waco bring down the President and the Democrat machine after 20 years? Mike McNulty, producer of the Emmy Award winning, Academy Award nominated documentary Waco: Rules of Engagement, and its follow-up films, Waco, A New Revelation, and The FLIR Project, believes it could. McNulty says that the close ties between the Waco atrocity and members of the Obama administration – including Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and powerful congressional Democrats, could unravel the administration and the entire Washington power structure.

McNulty insists that Hillary Clinton in particular was deeply involved in the Waco debacle and in the multiple cover-ups that followed, and that criminal prosecutions could be brought against her and others, "There's no statute of limitations on murder," says McNulty.

That's a pretty dramatic allegation, but McNulty says that's where the evidence leads, and no one knows the evidence of the Waco tragedy better than McNulty. He and his experts were given unprecedented access to the Waco files and evidence locker during the making of the documentaries, and they carefully catalogued what they found – including items that were incorrectly identified in the official records.

McNulty is no wild-eyed conspiracy theorist either. He was credited with debunking several claims made by earlier documentarians who distorted the evidence to fit their own anti-government agendas. McNulty and his team went to extreme lengths to verify every detail and validate each assertion they have made regarding the event, and there is much damning evidence which is totally irrefutable.

Actions of the government after the violent conclusion of the Waco siege strongly suggest an organized, intentional effort to obscure and conceal the facts of the case. Failure to follow standard investigative procedures, failure to protect the scene or collect certain significant evidence, loss of important evidence, and destruction of evidence, along with multiple incidences of conflicting statements – including statements under oath – from various government officials, with no formal follow-up, resolution, or consequences, go well beyond simple incompetence and in many cases are clearly criminal.

The fact that so many of those responsible for directing the operation and its aftermath are still power-players in Washington, means that revelation of the truth of Waco could have devastating effects on the current power structure. Just the role of Obama's close friend, Attorney General Eric Holder, in demonizing the Waco survivors, and leading the official cover-up – especially when aggregated with his more recent scandals – should end his career and the careers of several of his closest allies, and would disgrace the entire administration.

Hillary Clinton's role in the assault on the Davidian campus and its subsequent cover-up has never been fully disclosed. McNulty says that his information indicates that Mrs. Clinton was not only involved, but in command, directing the FBI's actions from the White House, and leading the subsequent cover-up. The Texas Rangers have said that their objections to the destruction of the Waco evidence were squelched directly by the White House. Texas Governor Rick Perry would do well to sit down and have a candid conversation with those Texas Rangers and then seriously consider pursuing prosecutions.

When Clinton's close friend and former law partner, Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster, was found dead, his widow told FBI investigators that she believed that "Foster was horrified when the Branch Davidian complex burned," and that "Foster believed that everything was his fault."

Somehow Mrs. Foster's statement to the FBI has been almost totally overlooked by the media – and even by most of those insisting that his death was murder. The obvious question that never seems to have been asked is, why would Vince Foster, whose primary role in the White House was to support and protect the Clintons, feel responsible for the deaths at Waco?

At the time of Foster's death, the FBI ordered that his office be sealed as part of their standard homicide investigation, but at least 2 boxes of files were removed from Foster's office and taken to the residence area of the White House. Those files were never recovered, and their removal from Foster's office was never officially investigated. If the ghosts of Waco were to come home to roost, they would be sitting on the shoulders of some of Obama's closest friends and allies in Washington – all of them outspoken advocates for citizen disarmament. This 20-year old atrocity could be the key to bringing down the whole house of cards.

McNulty has recently released a 20th Anniversary DVD twin-pack containing both Waco, A New Revelation, and The FLIR Project, and he's actively searching for financial backing to make a follow-up documentary chasing down the lost evidence and exposing details of the extensive government cover-up. If he can secure the funding – and survive – McNulty believes he can finally force some accountability for the atrocity.

The 20th Anniversary DVD set is available from our friends at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( or directly from McNulty on his web site.

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