Own The Rifle That NYPD Got Turned Down For!



Sorry, the draw is now closed, pm 6/21/13.
The response was excellent with all chances now taken, and thanks are due to all who subscribed.

The draw was made on September 28th, and the lucky winner was George B. of Gulfport, Mississippi.

Serbu Manufacturing was contacted by NYPD S.W.A.T. for a quote on this rifle, but turned them down. It was explained that if it was not legal to sell such a rifle to a New York Citizen (per the so-called "SAFE Act,") he would not consider selling it to the cops.

But YOU can have a chance of owning this superb .50 cal, semi-auto rifle! (Click on pictures to see larger). The JPFO logo is to be engraved onto the side of the action and this unique one-of-one rifle will have the serial number "JPFO 01". A letter of provenance will accompany the gun from the manufacturer, stating that this rifle is 1 of 1, and it indeed is the one that NYPD could not have.

Now, an Arizona charity is running a draw to benefit JPFO, and YOU could be the winner! Only $20 per chance! (Sorry, residents of N.Y., N.J., Wi., Ma., Ct., Ca., and any other state where it is not legal, are ineligible to participate.)

ONLY 1000 tickets will be sold for this rifle. All federal, state, and local laws will be strictly obeyed on this, and the winner must pick up the gun from his local FFL dealer. Go to purchase your chance (or chances) from the JPFO Store, or call 800-869-1884, the JPFO order line. Tell your friends - the draw is open to all and is not restricted to only one chance purchase - buy more than one!.

The drawing is to be held on September 28th 2013 in Houston, at Gun Rights Policy Conference.

NOTE: In case we omitted to notify everyone of our last draw results, which was for the SAIGA Raptor shotgun last December -- the lucky winner was a gentleman, David. H from Boulder City, near Henderson Nevada. Our thanks go to all who joined in so generously.


Serbu's description of the BFG-50A, from Serbu.com:

The BFG-50A is a magazine-fed, gas-operated .50 BMG rifle. It takes standard 10-round M-82 magazines. It has a 3-lug rotating bolt, dual plunger ejectors, sliding plate extractor, hydraulic recoil buffer. The bolt locks into a barrel extension which is threaded to the barrel. The bolt lug and barrel extension locking surfaces are helical. The gas system is similar to that used on a Ljungman AG-42 or MAS 49/56. As with our BFG-50 single-shot rifle, all our barrels are chambered with our own reamer design which allows surplus ammunition to be fired but gives far greater accuracy than can be achieved with barrels using a machine gun chamber. Barrel length: 26.0", overall length: 52.5". Rifle weighs 25 lbs unloaded. The BFG-50A uses a highly efficient 8-port "Shark Brake" muzzle brake. Barrel/barrel extension and handguard are removable to allow different barrel and handguard lengths and configurations.


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