Green Beret vets man defense
of Second Amendment



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By: Raquel Okyay, July 28th, 2013
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The Army forces alumni association resolved at their June convention to support and defend the Second Amendment to the Constitution despite aggressive action by elected officials to thwart them.

"We have all taken an oath to protect the Constitution," said Col. (Ret.) John "Jack" N. Tobin, who was elected national president of the Special Forces Association in 2012. Established in 1964, SFA is a nonprofit organization for current and retired US Army Special Forces' soldiers, also known as "Green Berets."

The United States Army Special Forces are a unique operations group created in 1952 for the purpose of conducting unconventional warfare, foreign internal reconnaissance, direct action and counter-terrorism.

SFA members voted to approved June 30 a unanimous resolution that recognizes the Second Amendment to guarantee each law-abiding American citizen the right to keep and bear arms at their national convention held in San Antonio, Texas.

SFA's goal is to announce support for the Constitution, said Tobin who was inducted as Distinguished Member of the Special Forces Regiment in April 2012.

"Should anyone seek to change any of our amendments?" he asked. "We will once again show our support for the Constitution."

SFA serves as the voice for the special-forces community; perpetuates traditions and brotherhood; advances public image and promotes the general welfare of the special-forces community.

The association hopes to persuade elected officials to realize that the Constitution is the law of the land, said Tobin who is a Legion of Merit and Bronze Star recipient. "All amendments, especially the first ten – the Bill of Rights – are of equal importance."

"The Bill of Rights guarantee our freedoms and limit the powers of government," he said. When many veteran groups were approached by political operatives seeking to by-pass the Constitution, we made a decision to act, he said. "We believe efforts to change the Second Amendment, without going through the amendment process proscribed in the Constitution, requires that we take a stand."

SFA resolved to oppose all laws, ordinances, measures or rules by local, state, or federal governments that infringe or deprive honest citizens of their Second Amendment rights; and further resolves to utilize all lawful means to prevent any and all attempts to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights.

SFA urges lawmakers to recognize, as part of their oaths of office, that the Second Amendment guarantees law-abiding citizens the right to keep and bear the arms of their choice. On behalf of the millions of American veterans who have fought, and continue to fight to preserve our constitutional rights, SFA demands that Congress and the executive department cease and desist any and all efforts to restrict Second Amendment rights by either legislation or order.

Each member of the armed forces takes an oath to protect the Constitution, said Tobin who entered military service in 1967. "We are merely re-affirming that oath."

"Many of us thought it necessary to come out publicly to defend the Second Amendment as it has been under unjustified attack," said Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert K. Brown who has been an SFA member since its inception.

Brown, who is founder, publisher and editor of Soldier of Fortune Magazine which was founded in 1975, said he is determined to protect our Second Amendment rights. SOF is a pro-gun, pro-military weekly magazine which reports on various armed confrontations around the world, as well as on new weapons and other military technology.

"As contrasted to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's crowd, we know the difference between full-automatic and semi-automatic small arms," said the investigative journalist who spent 14 months in Vietnam as an intelligence officer.

Most lawmakers do not understand the mechanics of guns, said the 30-plus-year National Rifle Association board member. "We do not like someone telling us how many rounds we can have in a magazine to protect our families."

Gun control laws undermine our right to keep and bear arms, he said. "We realize that gun control is not about guns, but about control."

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