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By David Codrea, December 19th 2014
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.

Nick Hanauer

“The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats,” Seattle-based “One-Percenter” Nick Hanauer writes in an open letter on Politico to his “fellow zillionaires.” He’s evidently feeling more than a little guilty about his wealth, and thinks he can make everything better and keep the mob he fears his fellow Americans have become from devouring him by raising the minimum wage.

That and making sure they’re disarmed. Hanauer, along with Bill Gates, was one of the privileged backers of Michael Bloomberg’s so-called “background check” initiative in Washington State. I say “so-called”, because no less an authority than the National Institute of Justice has admitted the effectiveness of such a law “depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration,” and, as we’ve seen time and again, that’s a necessary prerequisite for those bent on confiscation.

“I come from generations of progressive, atheist Jews, ” Hanauer tells The Seattle Times. “My family ... got chased out of Germany by Hitler,” he reveals in his previously-linked open letter.

Not that you have to be a secular Jew to embrace a “monopoly of violence,” a term coined by German political economist, sociologist and philosopher Max Weber. Among his other advocacy achievements, Weber championed approving Article 48 into the Weimar constitution, establishing "emergency powers" to bypass Reichstag consent, and allowing Adolf Hitler's rise to unchallenged power.

No, religious “leaders” embrace government control of the guns as well, including some of “Seattle’s leading rabbis” who joined with the Jewish Federation and other Jewish organizations to support the Bloomberg-Hanauer registration and confiscation-enabling bill.

Alfred Flatow

Pointing that out, of course, along with the nexus between “gun control” and how it enabled the slaughter of millions of unarmed Jews (and if they’d like to know how registration worked out for Jews forbidden by law to own guns, they need only look up the name Alfred Flatow), angered the hell out of the Jewish Federation. They were so irritated that they demanded the resignation of the NRA rep who dared to do so.

“Eight years ago, the Jewish Federation was the target of a violent attack by an individual harboring dangerous falsehoods about Jews — falsehoods that continue to exist on the fringes of our society,” they complained. “It is deeply offensive for anyone to suggest that Jewish supporters of gun violence prevention have ‘forgotten’ the history of our people.”

“For a representative of the National Rifle Association or any organization to repeat the out-of-touch falsehood linking gun violence prevention to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust is not only an ignorant distortion but is exceedingly dangerous,” they whined.

Well, too bad if the truth offends, even (especially) deeply. Jews ought to be more deeply offended by Nazi policies, and by liars, cowards and fools in their leadership who insist on hiding the past from them. Because another truth is, NRA is late (but at long last welcome) to the party. The late Aaron Zelman, founder of JPFO, was prodding them to join him in “exposing the Nazi roots of ‘gun-control’ in America” 20 years ago (and before that).

Those roots, Zelman discovered, show how federal “gun control” law “was lifted, almost in its entirety, from Nazi legislation.” In “Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny,” Zelman, with contributions by attorney Richard Stevens, presented “the Nazi weapons law of 1938 side-by-side with the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968.”

Zelman’s ground-breaking research and reporting did not end there. His “Death by ‘Gun Control’,” also with Stevens, is supplemented by another JPFO exclusive, the “Genocide Chart,” which together demonstrate “In the 20th Century: Governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined. Governments murdered millions more people than were killed by common criminals.

“How could governments kill so many people?” the promotional page for the book asks. “The governments had the power — and the people, the victims, were unable to resist. The victims were unarmed.”

Still, there are “progressive” deceivers telling their followers that Hitler actually loosened restrictions imposed by the Weimar Republic, using that incomplete assertion to attempt to discredit JPFO’s major premise. What they often don’t disclose is that loosening applied to government officials and other loyal Nazi Party members. As a result of Nazi, not Weimar law, Jews were prohibited from acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons. Those now possessing weapons and ammunition are at once to turn them over to the local police authority.”

But it would still have done no good, those who oppose the right of the people to keep and bear arms, that is, the liars and apologists for tyranny protest, because gun ownership was not widespread among European Jews. True and that’s where the U.S. is different, and why we’re not going to let such weaklings and worm-tongues screw it up for the rest of us. Just look at what a handful of desperate but determined Jews with a pathetic collection of weapons managed to do in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, and then extrapolate.

Mike Vanderboegh

"If every Jewish and anti-Nazi family in Germany had owned a Mauser rifle and twenty rounds of ammunition AND THE WILL TO USE IT, Adolf Hitler would be a little-known footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic," Zelman once told citizen journalist, blogger, and Three Percent movement founder Mike Vanderboegh. That commitment and that will are sorely lacking in Jewish betrayers of the slogan “Never again,” false leaders and their idiot followers whom Zelman contemptuously referred to as “bagel brained.”

Last month, JPFO commemorated the 76th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the terrifyingly evil “Night of Broken Glass,” when the victims were powerless to resist that and the obscene government terror that came after. The unvarnished truth is, those Jews who abet a state monopoly of violence, and are demanding the same edicts that gave the “legal” pretext for sending Alfred Flatow to his brutal doom, are acting in much the same way as kapos, Jewish functionaries who assisted Nazi camp guards in the persecution of their people.

They have earned the same contempt from people who aren’t afraid to confront the latter-day Judenrat with this simple moral indictment: You’re nowhere near as “deeply offended” by us as we are by you cowardly traitors to your own people and to all of humanity.

And we will not disarm.

Wring your hands, bleat like castrated goats, but deal with it, because in the ultimate analysis, there’s not a “man” among you willing or able to do more than that. But don’t take my word for it: Listen to Jewish World Review.

May your deluded followers, deceived by your craven calls for oppression, have their eyes opened, see you for what you are and join their brethren who have already rejected you. At this time of Hanukkah, as they celebrate the rededication of the Holy Temple and the miracle of the oil, let them also remember that before that was possible, armed Jews resisted “official” oppression with weaponry capable of helping them overcome an army, and capable of enabling them to demand their right to live and worship according to their own customs.

Any guesses what Mattathias the Kohein would have thought of Nick Hanauer and the insultingly misnamed Jewish Federation?

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David Codrea is a field editor at GUNS Magazine, penning their monthly "Rights Watch" column. He provides regular reporting and commentary at Gun Rights Examiner and blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. David Codrea's Archive page.

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