Negligent Gun Fatality Brings
Out the ‘Progressive’ Hate



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By David Codrea, November 28th 2014
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.

Becca Campbell

The report of a woman who negligently killed herself while mishandling a firearm has been illustrative of the way so-called “progressives” value human life when that life belongs to gun owners. Becca Campbell, 26, and her unidentified boyfriend, “had bought a gun because of fears of unrest related to the pending grand jury decision on the shooting of Michael Brown,” CNN Wire reported Monday.

“He told investigators that as they drove late Friday night, the victim waved a gun, jokingly saying the couple were ready for Ferguson,” the report, quoting sources briefed by the police, continued. “He ducked to get out of the way of the gun and accidentally rear-ended another car. He said the accident caused the gun to go off and she was struck by a bullet in the head.”

Obviously both of these individuals were not part of what the citizen disarmament cult disparages as “the gun culture,” as the lack of respect for even the most basic of safety rules indicated by the report points to people absolutely unfamiliar with basic rational gun-handling. The obvious ridiculous and senselessly dangerous way this woman evidently ended her own life unsurprisingly brought out ridicule-based comments, including predictable “Darwin Award” references.

Also unsurprising among the comments were those from anonymous “progressives” whose online commentary validated the findings of Canadian researchers “that Internet trolls aren’t just mean — they’re sadists and psychopaths.” Meaning that’s how they act when a target of opportunity is perceived...

“lol dumb conservatives with their guns, hopefully this happens to all of them,” brave comment thread commando “REPUBLICANBUTTHURT” offered. The ironically self-named TROLL HUNTER (and remember, with “progressives”, every day is Opposite Day) gave that sentiment props with a “thumbs-up” icon.

“She deserved to die,” a gay Huffington Post reader from Yale weighed in. “Trailer lady deserved it.” Talk about tolerance and concern for “different” people of perceived lower economic status!

“Very sad because all life is precious . . . but I was LMAO especially after I read their reason for arming themselves!” another inclusive HuffPoster revealed about herself.

“‘Becca Campbell’ who bought a gun because she feared violence from the GJ decision?” offered another. “Sounds like she votes Republican.”

Except that’s in question. A photo taken last August shows Campbell reportedly protesting in Ferguson and arguing with a police officer. If we’re going to be making stereotypical judgments, that doesn’t sound very Republican. And speaking of non-Republicans, per a post on Democratic Underground, the button Campbell is wearing in the photo advocates “Justice for Michael Brown. No justice no peace. Hands up!”

Not that this will make any impression on the LMAO haters reveling in a human death because they suspected she held a different creed or place in the social spectrum than they. How telling that such bigotry and intolerance should emanate from an ideology that represents itself as inclusive and egalitarian.

Opposite Day, remember?

The way their demonstrable ignorance fuels their unmistakable hatred is on display for all to see, although not all will want to. It would be useless going back to the death-revelers pointing out how wrong and morally bankrupt they are when it comes to gun owners, to “conservatives,” to those of faith, that is, to those they collectively (and that word is significant here) hate.

Can there be any doubt these cruel and small-minded trolls actually are what the Canadian researchers conclude they are, and that they would celebrate the violent shooting death of gun owner rights advocates?

Rabid zealots with national socialist sympathies hating and wishing death on another group of people distinguishable because of who they are and what they believe in -- stop me if you’ve heard this one before...

David Codrea is a field editor at GUNS Magazine, penning their monthly "Rights Watch" column. He provides regular reporting and commentary at Gun Rights Examiner and blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. David Codrea's Archive page.

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