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Photograph Your Guns – Then Kiss Them Goodbye

By Richard W. Stevens, Esq.

Handgun Control Inc. lies. What’s new, Dick Tracy. Snicker all you want, but lies are destroying private firearms ownership in America. Look how Smith & Wesson and Colt have caved in.

Because HCI and other anti-self defense / anti-freedom lobbyists in Washington lie to politicians and deceive the public, new draconian "gun control" laws are practically guaranteed soon.

Just days after the February incident when a six-year old boy shot a classmate in school, President Clinton went on TV to say that "13 kids a day" die because of firearms misuse. His staff doubtless got that figure from HCI.

Pure inside-the-Beltway deception. Using the term "kids" in that context makes people think of little kids, such as toddlers and grade-schoolers -- not adults, not youth gang criminals. HCI and the President had defined "kids" to fit their agenda. "Kids," according to HCI research director Douglas Weil, includes everyone from newborns to full voting-age adults, 18 and 19 years old. To advance HCI’s propaganda purpose, people who legally drink, smoke, serve in the military or serve time in adult prisons, are categorized with babies and called "kids."

What about the "13 kids" figure? On a Colorado radio station, Mr. Weil stated categorically on March 14 that HCI had always said "12 kids." Yet HCI’s own Internet web page cited the "13" figure. After JPFO publicized the whole scam using a national press and Internet news release, HCI revised its figure to "11.5 youths" per day because of new crime data. HCI still deceives the public by mixing together teen gang murder counts with the quite small numbers of killings of small children.

Meanwhile, on the same day, a Maryland state delegate exposed that HCI had provided state legislators with false inflated figures un-related deaths in Maryland -- HCI had doubled the numbers. Under pressure in Maryland, HCI’s Mr. Weil had to admit publicly the "error" and reduced the figure by half -- yet Mr. Weil concealed HCI’s "error correction" from the Colorado radio audience.

HCI’s Mr. Weil also stated heatedly on March 14 that "no one is proposing banning guns. A total gun ban is not even part of the debate." Another HCI lie. Josh Sugarman of the Violence Policy Center, an anti-self defense lobbyist with whom Mr. Weil admitted he worked closely, had written in the New York Times in November 1999 that a total ban of handguns was the only "solution" to violence. (Long guns are next.)

What’s more, the next day (March 15), VPC released its private poll that claimed to show how a large percentage of Americans favor a total ban on private handgun ownership. HCI surely knew about VPC’s poll results the day before they were published -- the same day when Mr. Weil was claiming "gun bans are not part of the debate."

Lobbyists, politicians and the media are working hard to tax, register, confiscate, and illegalize firearms of all types. They will lie openly and consistently to do it.

Do you have any kind of firearm? Then you are a target. You had better join the fight. We have to move fast. Pick a JPFO theme or project:

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Won’t help? Then take a lot of photographs of your gun collection. Those photos may be all you have left in a year or two. Ask the British and Australian former gun owners.

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